Friday, September 18, 2009

Of course I need new _______, I'm pregnant...

I don't need an excuse to shop, and pregnancy hasn't been any different. Although I have promised my husband I wouldn't buy anymore underwear or bras, and that I wouldn't buy any shoes b\c it's likely my feet would swell (I must have been drugged when I agreed to this)- I never agreed not to buy anything else. Although I must admit- I have been a lucky pregnant woman b\c I received 2 garbage bags stuffed to the brim with maternity clothes- and stylish maternity clothes at that. Liz Lange, Ann Taylor Loft, Duo, Oh, Baby!, and some of my favorites- Gap. Between that treasure trove, a few very picky selections made at Goodwill and some purchases of my own- I'm finishing up summer, and ready to roll right into winter (i can't wait to wear the sweaters that she sent). All I need is a few cute winter dresses, and more than likely a coat- which is sad because I own 7 winter coats, but it does give me an excuse to get the coat I don't have- a grey coat! I think I'm going to have to renege on my promise not to buy shoes though- I just don't think heels are going to work for me in the end of my pregnancy, so of course I need flat boots. Yes, I did just say I don't want to wear heels, but I love the peep toe booties- I first saw a pair I wanted last fall at Forever 21, and I should've snatched them up, because I can't find anything that looks similar to them that is Forever 21-affordable.

Along with coloring my hair, I also bought new makeup and I've been very excited about that. When I was selling mk, I loved the day/night solution and tinted moisturizer, but I have used up my reserves, and I'm done w\ selling mk. Unless I can find another consultant who will give me a consultants discount, I'm done w\ it! So I've been venturing out into the makeup world for a first time in a loooong time. I'm happy to say that I finally broke down and bought a primer, and some new foundation, and so far, I'm impressed. I think I finally have that pregnancy "glow" that everyone talks about! My husband should really just take away any forms of credit or debit cards, cash & checks. Pin It!

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