Tuesday, December 15, 2009

35 weeks = 35 days

I found it interesting that my little counter says "I am 35 weeks pregnant. 35 days to go." It's just funny to me that those numbers match. What have I been doing lately besides running around like a crazy woman? I had 2 baby showers the last 2 weekends- 1 in Georgia with my girlfriends and 1 here in Illinois with Dave's sisters, mom and grandma. We got a lot of great things for baby at both showers. I was starting to worry baby wouldn't have enough clothes- I need have no fear! At the GA shower we played a fun game where I was blindfolded and got to taste baby food- it was pretty funny- I even had 2 other friends brave enough to try it- funny that neither of them were my pregnant friends at the shower! Here are a few photos from that shower:

Tiffany- 16 weeks, Me- 33 weeks

I am pretty sure I had just eaten the peas in this picture. GROSS

opening gifts = always fun

Things are looking good in baby's room- all the furniture and accessories have been put together. We have "piles" in the baby's room right now: 1. I have 1 load of clothes left to wash from the stuff we got this past weekend. 2. I have kitchen and eating accessories that need a home in one of our cabinets. 3. I have stuff that needs to be returned (multiples) or exchanged (like for instance how someone registered for the wrong diaper genie refills... i wonder who).

I am ordering our bedding today. God has really blessed us as far as this goes- no one tells you, but baby bedding is EXPENSIVE! It's probably the most expensive item we're having to purchase on our own. Bedding + the accesories to go with it (extra sheets, etc) were totaling out around $300-$400. For starters- I am lucky that I joined this points website about 10 years ago- by simply answering a survey a week, and clicking through on emails I had earned over 30,000 points. Now Dave and I wanted to use those points for gift cards for an HDTV, but then baby came along. We found out that the site that had our baby bedding also was part of the points program, and we were able to cash in my points for $200 in gift cards (to arrive in 2-6 weeks (from last week), but that is another story in itself). Of course, even with that we still had around $175 or so that wasn't going to be covered- and here's where we've been super blessed. We have received money from various people for baby, and we used most of it for painting the room. All that we had left was around $20. Since Saturday, Dave & I have received $160. Put that with the $20, and it is exactly enough to cover the ENTIRE cost of what we were going to have to spend on bedding out of pocket. WHAT A BLESSING!

So we at least will have baby bedding in a few days... with our accessories, it may be a month or so from now. Shh, don't tell baby. Of course, pictures will follow.

Well, it's time for mom to rest- I am working tomorrow, and need as much energy as possible for that. Just over a week left at work... whew! Plus, I know i'll probably wake up a few times during the night before then- not only to use the bathroom, but I have a new affliction- acid reflux. Let's just say it takes about 2 seconds to happen, and in that 2 seconds hurts worse than heartburn. Ugh. I've got to try to stay on my side while i'm sleeping- but my body just wants to be comfortable!

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