Thursday, December 10, 2009

To-Do List, Updated

today is December 10th. so we have 19 days to go. here's how my "freak out" list from a few days ago is looking. this is what we had still to do...

1. finish Christmas shopping. we're almost finished, but we have both sets of parents, 2 brother in laws, and a sister in law left.

2. find a tree, buy said tree, put up tree. decorate house.

3. finish our regular house decorations as well.

4. unpack all our shower gifts in baby's room

5. put together remaining baby items

6. wash baby clothes


8. get baby bedding ordered

9. finish decorating baby's room

10. celebrate Christmas

11. pack for hospital

12.... i'm sure there's more

it at least makes me feel better to have a few things crossed out. hoping this weekend will lead to more things being crossed off our list!! Pin It!

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