Monday, December 7, 2009

so much to do, and so little time

well, i may now be officially about to blow a gasket. the fact that my induction is more than likely 3 weeks from tomorrow is exciting and terrifying. mostly terrifying. not in the fact that i'm worried about being a mom- afterall, i was a nanny for a while, and a nanny to a newborn at that- i feel like the baby part will be ok, it's the getting ready for the baby part that I'm mostly worried about.

today is December 7th. so i have 23 days to go. 18 days of work left (at most). i feel like i have a pretty long list of things to still do...

1. finish Christmas shopping. we're almost finished, but we have both sets of parents, 2 brother in laws, and a sister in law left.

2. find a tree, buy said tree, put up tree. decorate house.

3. finish our regular house decorations as well.

4. unpack all our shower gifts in baby's room

5. put together remaining baby items

6. wash baby clothes


8. get baby bedding ordered

9. finish decorating baby's room

10. celebrate Christmas

11. pack for hospital

12.... i'm sure there's more

my main goal right now is trying to prevent being so stressed out (it's not good for the baby, you know). if i can at least accomplish some of these tasks this week with the help of my darling husband (who of course, is preparing for finals right now) when he can- we might actually get this stuff accomplished!! Pin It!

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