Tuesday, December 1, 2009

oh, pregnancy, you are fickle

so the point of this blog is to be real about my pregnancy, and not just to sugar-coat it. there are many wonderful things about being pregnant (that i will try to blog about later), but there are other things that aren't so fabulous too. i try to post from both sides of the coin... here are some of my top mysteries/things people don't tell you about being pregnant:

1. buy your maternity clothes in your "pre-pregnancy size." first of all, if i could wear my "pre-pregnancy size" i would be. second, this is not even true because it seems the stuff that is "my size" is either falling off me or has in my final weeks become so tight i can hardly wear it

2. why are the panels of maternity jeans blue? sometimes i'd like to wear a WHITE shirt without having the world see a blue panel up to my chest.

3. speaking of: heartburn is so bad you consider burning your bras.

4. zofran will cure your nausea/morning sickness, but as a result you will be so constipated that when you finally do go you stop up your in-laws toilet(s), and flood their house, resulting in them buying new toilets for the entire house.

5. you shouldn't really "eat for two" but if so, then why am i starving ALL THE TIME!

these are just a few things that have bewildered me during this rollercoaster called pregnancy! Pin It!

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