Saturday, December 26, 2009

just random thoughts

i keep thinking of thoughts for entries- but there's a lot going on, so i don't always have time to write. besides, my weekly to-do list update is probably getting old. here are a few things I thought about writing about, but i'm just not going to dedicate a full entry to.

1. things i am looking forward to once i'm not pregnant: wearing my regular clothes again, sleeping comfortably, although probably not sleeping well, shopping for clothes, wearing my wedding/engagement rings again, being able to squat down, bend over, see my feet, etc. But most of all- seeing/holding our sweet baby boy!

2. I've learned that you have really got to love someone to live with them when they're pregnant. So people, don't ever try to get pregnant to save your relationship. I have learned that my husband must love the crap out of me because people (or maybe it was just me) are not the most pleasant people to be around when they are growing a baby. You're moody, emotional, irrational, happy, sad, angry, etc. So bless my husband for putting up with all the mess I put him through, and all the stuff that had to be done just the way i wanted it to be. I love you.

3. I'd also like to get my memory back- because I know I had more to write about, but I am always forgetting things (and I'm always dropping things).

4. I can't decide whether the induction is a good thing or not. On one hand, I'm going to miss out on the last (and most uncomfortable from what I hear) weeks of my pregnancy, plus, I know when the baby is going to be here (or at least around when). At the same time though- I'm missing out on those last 3 weeks or pregnancy and the surprise and nervousness of randomly going into labor when my body decides it's ready to go into labor. I know a lot of people say i'm lucky that I know, but the element of surprise is something I think i'm going to miss out on!

Well, we have a busy day ahead of us. Last night after we celebrated Christmas at my in-laws we put together our new bookshelf and moved our books and dvd's around, plus I washed the last load of new baby clothes (for now) and we did some general straightening up of things.

Today we have (or should I say Dave has) put the rest of our pictures up on the wall and it will be followed by a whirlwind of errands: picking up a few baby things, packing our bags, doing a little shopping for us, a pedicure for me, finishing thank-you notes, and making sure the house is clean for everyone's arrival.

Tomorrow consists of: 8:30 at the hospital for my amnio (ugh, nervous about this), going by work to drop off my LOA paperwork, anything we forget today, spending last precious moments just us before our world amazing changes forever, and back to the hospital whenever Dr. Barthel tells us to be there to get this baby show on the road. It seems like just yesterday that the test said "YES+" and here we are almost 8 months later. It's just flown by! I can't wait to begin this new chapter in our lives together!! wow! Pin It!

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