Friday, December 18, 2009

revisiting the to-do list

today is December 17th. 12 days to go. let's see how the ol' to-do list is looking today. by the way. 1\2 a cm dialated!

1. finish Christmas shopping. we're almost finished, but we have both sets of parents, 2 brother in laws, and a sister in law left.

2. find a tree, buy said tree, put up tree. decorate house.

3. finish our regular house decorations as well.

4. unpack all our shower gifts in baby's room

5. put together remaining baby items

6. wash baby clothes


8. get baby bedding ordered

9. finish decorating baby's room

10. celebrate Christmas

11. pack for hospital

so now my list is only consisting of 5 things- awesome! now that the bedding is here, it just needs to be washed and put on the bed, and then we can actually decorate the rest of the room. i'll probably go ahead & pack for the hospital as well (although my stuff is already together- just not in a bag). i'm feeling pretty accomplished here. things might actually get done in the next 12 days. 12 days. it doesn't even seem real. i'm pretty good at not actually thinking about it or freaking out. oh- i must add 2 things to the list- one that i am thinking about daily and freaking out about...

12. take our rings for their scheduled cleaning

13. figure out how to get my gma's ring off my finger in the event of a c-section Pin It!

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