Monday, January 4, 2010

back to work

Well, not what i was expecting January 4th. I was expecting to be freaking out about my husband going back to work while leaving me alone for the first time with our sweet baby boy. Obviously we are all going back to work though. It still appears I will not be back at Target though until after baby comes. I called Target the day of my failed induction to tell them to cancel my leave of absence and then also went to the store to get put back on the schedule (which comes out on Thursday). I had already missed the opporunity to be on the January 3-9 schedule, so I was hoping to get on the newest schedule of January 10-16. Either my supervisor forgot, or I was not back in the system yet, so I'm not on that schedule either. Basically it's a moot point for me to even go back on the schedule b\c the next week starts on the 17th, and I am due on that Tuesday, the 19th. So i'm going to see what my options are for reactivating my maternity leave. Why are these things so difficult? Anyway, i'm lucky enough that I have been working with my in-law's at their practice, so while I'm not getting hours at Target, I can at least work some there to make up for what would appear to be 3 weeks of lost money. And speaking of which, it's time for me to head that way.

Tonight is our hospital tour, it's one of the 2 things we get to do with baby not being here. Saturday is the other- our childbirth class. Dave is thrilled. He was hoping we'd miss these 2 fun adventures b\c when I scheduled them in SEPTEMBER these were the earliest dates for us that actually fit into our schedule (ie: before the baby came, or at the actual hospital we are delivering at). I'm exciting about the tour. We tried to do our own at my last Dr's appointment and got lost. Sherman is a new hospital and it's HUGE! Pin It!

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