Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Due Date

Today is the due date- as it now says up top "I am 40 weeks pregnant". Okay, I am 40 weeks pregnant... AND?!

Today is your alleged birthday, little one. It still doesn't seem real, but we are ready for you to be here. I am especially ready for you to be here... I can't fit into clothes any longer. I am way past my pre-maternity clothes, and I have very few maternity clothes I can wear as well. I got stuck in a maternity top on Saturday, and I'm having a hard time even wearing your dad's stuff at bedtime b\c I am larger than he is...

I can't tell if I am having contractions, or anticipating contractions. My belly is tight, per usual, but there's a little pain with it too. Nothing significant though, so I say no.

Your move, baby. Pin It!

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