Sunday, January 10, 2010

single digits

that's what we're in now- otherwise known as- it could probably happen at any time... crazy thought. are we ready? ready as we're going to be I guess, but i'm sure i'll think of a million things I need to do while we're on the way to the hospital.

we went to our childbirth express class yesterday. it went pretty well. other than the fact that it's 6+ hours worth of class. did we learn anything? I guess we'll find out when we actually are in labor. the only thing i learned from the videos is that I have a weak stomach, and i wasn't sure if i wanted to really have a baby... too late for that.

so we're trying not to have baby this week. my Dr.- Dr. Uma- is out in Dallas, or Denver taking her board exam. I'm sure she'll pass, and it'll be awesome that she's board-certified. I just hope that baby doesn't come while she's in this process. Also, our heating in the house is pretty jacked up right now- it either runs for hours at a time (our gas bill is going to be out of this world) or it doesn't run at all for hours at a time (and everyone freezes to death). Right now, it's choosing not to run, after running ALL night (it's exhausted, i'm sure), and it's 7 degrees outside. Lovely.

Dave is going to the Blackhawks game tonight with Chazzer. Chazzer has only asked him a million times, but we've always had plans or something else. I'm sure I'll go into labor while he's gone. It's only fitting. Lord, I shouldn't say things like that because I really don't want that happening.

ok, Dave keeps calling me to come downstairs, he can't figure out why i'm not down there already... Pin It!


  1. Heat not running means you get to move to Georgia until the cold weather is over. The baby can't be cold. There's your trump card!

  2. i need to move to GA forever, but that's another time and another place!


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