Friday, July 23, 2010

6 months

i cannot believe it has been half a year since my life was completely flipped upside-down and changed- all for the better.  6 months of just absolute heaven.  waking up every day to see my sweet baby's face.  being so frustrated sometimes with motherhood- yet longing to be near him.  it's also been 7 months since i've had a pedicure.  seriously.

not much has changed from last month it seems.  ian is a "whopping" 14 lbs, 11 oz.  which puts him in the measly 10th percentile in weight.  he's 26 1\2" or 2'2", which puts him in the 50th percentile in height.

he's still grabbing everything in sight, with his favorites still being cell phones and remotes (we bought him a baby cell phone), and his new favorites being the computer and my glasses, hair or earrings.

he shows no interest whatsoever in sitting up.  he would rather just lay on his belly and "skydive."  i seriously think he'll crawl first.  we'll see.

we took another trip to atlanta.  let's just say i hope to fly next time because 15 hours in the car w\ baby & husband- while they are 2 of my favorite people- is just not all that fun.  plus, we might as well fly while he's free...

ian is jabbering like crazy still, but no words yet.  dave and i say "mama" to him every day, and he can make the "maaa" sound back.  it's really cute though, when you say "mama" to him, he just gets the biggest smile on his face.

remember when i said @ 5 months we had started teething.  we are still waiting for the aforementioned tooth to come in.  and my child has built a resistance to all things related to pain relief.  i want the tooth to come in for relief purposes, but i will miss that gummy smile.

ian started eating solids this week.  not much to report.  he isn't really thrilled by them.  i'm guessing this is the norm when starting with food?  he just looks really confused when you try to feed him.

we are in a wonder week.  everyone says this is probably the worst one.  i think i'm past the point where i wallow in my bed all day crying in my pj's because my baby cries all day.  because if i wasn't- that's how i would've spent this week.  naps have gone to hell, and to get from bedtime to actually being asleep can take 2 hours. 

everyone really just wants to see pictures, right?  let's do some comparing.

wow.  i can't believe he's gotten so big/was ever that tiny!

6 months!
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  1. Toby has that Gingham suit and it is one of my favourite things this summer. He hated solids at first and now at 10 months is beginning to refuse his puree because he wants blueberries, or toast, or egg... They change so quickly. Ian is such a little charmer!

  2. Happy 6 month birthday Ian!!! He is adorable : )


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