Friday, July 16, 2010

pretty much a perfect evening

wednesday night is my favorite night.  i work monday & thursday nights, and we spend tuesday night having dinner w\ my mother in law & watching dave play softball- so wednesday, it's just us.  

husband came home, we walked the dogs.  put ian down for a "nap" then i made dinner.  it turned out deliciously.

hello saffron couscous w\ mediterranean chicken (okay, so it's not saffron couscous because apparently saffron is $12 for 2 teaspoons.  i still wonder what difference it would've made)

then we had dessert.  and a delicious summer dessert at that!

strawberries & cream.  i didn't make the cream myself (but i thought about it) and i probably have way too much, but they were so good.  later, when ian went to bed, mommy had more strawberries that had been soaked in amaretto... mmm.

we didn't think it was fair for mommy & daddy to have all the fun, so ian had his first taste of people food.  he seemed to enjoy strawberries too!

yummy!!  we'll probably start solids soon, but not just yet.  this was just a taste!

after dinner, we headed out to the pool.  our first experience with ian & the pool didn't go very well, but we had different results this time. he probably stayed in the pool around 30 minutes - long enough to turn pruney - and he kicked and splashed & giggled the entire time!!

excuse mommy mcboobs.  ugh. 

after pool fun was over, it was time for a bath, bottle and bed.  a truly wonderful evening.
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  1. We have that pool!!! Did you connect the hose too? Last night was the first time Toby liked it too though he's loved all other pools!

  2. we connected the hose the first time, but it was just sputtering, so we didn't do it this time. we'll have to try it again though


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