Monday, July 19, 2010

beautiful boy

so, totally on a whim, we enter ian in a beautiful baby contest b\c a friend suggests it to us.  it's online, there are over 14,000 entrants, it's insanity. plus, only 1 winner gets picked per market (27 total) to move on to the national competition.  i thought it would at least be fun...

well, wouldn't you  know it... HE WON! 

we are now one of 26 finalists for the national beautiful baby contest with a prize of $5,000!!!!  of course, it seems crazy that we beat out so many people, but 26 other babies to beat now seems impossible. 

YOU can help!!

please, please vote for ian if you have the time.  you can vote 1x per day, per email address!! 

help our cutie if you can!!!

vote HERE

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  1. Oh my goodness, that's awesome!

  2. i voted...: ) Hope Ian wins the national competition too...


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