Tuesday, July 27, 2010


#20 on the 30 before thirty - make ian's baby food.  let's just say the making of it is easier than figuring out when to give him what, when to start mixing, and what to mix.  sheesh.  behold, i will show you how to myobf (that's make your own baby food)...

i went with sweet potatoes- which will be food #2 3 that we are introducing.  we started with acorn squash, which made ian's skin break out, and if i had to write a blog on how to make baby avocado- then i shouldn't be blogging. 

i decided to make ian's baby food because of how easy everyone said it was + i'm always here + i love to cook + i have nothing better to do.  it also tastes better- have you ever eaten jarred baby food?  at my baby shower, we played a game where i was blindfolded and had to taste several different flavors of baby food and identify them.  i didn't do well- you couldn't even tell what many of them were!  ick!  fresh food just tastes better!  i also think it helps us to eat healthier- i just buy extra- cook it all at once, and then there's enough for husband & i to have what ian has.  more veggies = healthier.  healthier = thinner.  thinner = me fitting into my clothes.

here's how easy it is!  myobf- sweet potato style. 

1.  scrub your potatoes.

2.   prick holes into the potatoes

(those poor potatoes)
3.   microwave potatoes until tender (you can also bake in the oven for 60 min, but this was much quicker).

4.  remove potatoes from microwave carefully (hot potato isn't just a game- it's a fact).  slice potatoes open to let cool- this way you can handle them without receiving 3rd degree burns.

5.  scoop the delicious, orange sweet potatoey flesh out and into your blender/food processor.

6.  add 1\2 cup of water to potatoes and puree to desired consistency, adding more water if necessary.
7.  desired consistency.  

8.  pour potatoes into ice cube trays if freezing (i suggest freezing because most foods are good for a month- some 2 months, while refrigerated food needs to be used within days).  i got my trays from my Fresh Baby So Easy Baby Food Kit, but you can buy them anywhere for cheap!

9.  freeze 8-10 hours or overnight!

10.  once frozen, remove cubes from trays and store in ziploc baggies.  be sure to label baggies with date and food.  my potatoes were still frozen, but here are my frozen apricots & acorn squash!

and there you have, 10 easy steps to making your own baby food- all it takes is 30 minutes.  done and done.
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  1. check you out! that's so domestic and mommy-licious! i love it! i completely agree with feeding the sweet little bambino fresh food!

  2. thanks A! it was waaaay easier than i expected!

  3. I have the Beaba Cooker from William-Sonoma, and make all of C's food. It's totally easier than you thought, huh? Once you get a good supply in the freezer, then you only need to really cook a couple times a week, making big batches, trying new foods. C's fave vegetable is still the bell pepper. I steam them, remove the skin and then puree. He goes bananas for them! And once you can expand the menu for Ian it gets even easier: tofu, yogurt, cottage cheese . . . all good stuff!

    I've tried jarred food too, so nasty!

  4. Oh wow! I want to have a baby soon and this definitely looks like it is the way to go : ) I just was photographing a shower this weekend and they played the tasting baby food game and said the same thing! No one could tell what was what!

  5. lulu- i wish i had the beaba, that thing is ah-mazing! it's so overwhelming though- right now we've done avocado and sweet potatoes. i want to try new things- but i don't want to forget the things we've already tried, but it's like, when do i mix, what mixes well- how to rotate. aaah!

    lwk- it's definitely the way to go- i thought it would be hard b\c my friend told me she'd just cook for her daughter what she was making for herself, but i find it better to do the opposite- cook for him, and leave leftovers for us. the tasting babyfood game is gross- the worst one we had was mac n cheese- no one knew what that was!


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