Thursday, July 8, 2010

the vacation's over

man, vacations are such good times, and i really enjoyed my time in atlanta, but no one talks about the aftermath of a vacation...

seriously.  we returned from atlanta last night- an 11-12 hour trip that took 15 hours and ended with me and a husband that i may or may not have wanted to divorce, a screaming baby that made me consider that throwing myself out the car door would be a better way to live my life, a mile-high pile of dirty laundry, a mile-high pile of luggage and other junk to put away, spoiled milk, no food in the refrigerator, dried up plants, a dvr full of crap that i told it NOT to record, junk mail, unpaid bills, crankiness, dust, a family of spiders in the downstairs bathroom, and having to go to work when i clearly need to be home with my child.

debbie downer much?
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  1. Returning from vacations are the worst. You summed it up perfectly. Hope you had a good time.


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