Friday, July 30, 2010

mish mash

here's a mish mash- or things that would never stand alone as a blog post!

1.  i hate vampires.  seriously, i am ready for twilight to go away.  i just don't get it.  no, i've never read the books- i just don't have any interest.  everyone keeps carrying on about trueblood, but 1.  i don't have hbo or whatever, and 2.  it's vampires (i am prepared for an onslaught of comments from saying this).  i think harry potter is stupid too.  can you tell i just don't really like science fiction or fantasy? 

2.  i am seriously, seriously thinking about doing this.  my scalp is always super dry and itchy- and nothing seems to help.  plus, my  hair has been in shambles since it got all jacked up on hormones.  i stay at home with the baby- so i could probably get away with it.  gross or maybe i'm on to something?

3.  i hate lilies.  let's put that more specifically. stargazer lilies.  they remind me of funerals- the smell will knock you halfway across the state.  ugh.  i however LOVE calla lilies.  husband however, doesn't know a lily from his butt, and often comes home with the former rather than the latter.  this sends me into a frenzy, to which he responds "well, it said 'lily.'"  indeed it did.

4.  seriously, how is it already time to color my hair again?!  i feel like my hair hasn't grown at all in the 3 months since my hair cut, but the grays are growing like weeds

5.  i hate vertical blinds- they are an eyesore, and they are annoying.  they are also in our rental house- the inventor of vertical blinds should die of gonorrhea and rot in hell.  speaking of our rental house- it needs a major overhaul.  i hate moving, and i said i didn't want to move again, but this place blows, and i'm ready to leave. i guess i'm going to have to get used to living in someone else's house b\c after the atl incident, i don't think we're going to get to own our own place for a while.  :(

6.  we didn't win the baby contest.  i knew it was a long shot, but i'm still really bummed.  we have been busting our tails to pay off our debt via the dave ramsey plan (only 2 student loans + the remainder of my hospital bill) and that money would've almost cleared out dave's loan.  guess that's what i get for spending in my head, but seriously- when are we going to catch a break.  boo. 

7.  i'm tired. Pin It!


  1. Oh Mel! Go look at that little boy right now. Put your face 6 inches away from his and let him touch you. Look into those eyes, those gorgeous eyes. Now he may scratch you I admit it. But have you seen that kid, he's got some serious cute going on! Having just come from a lunch in which I cried on my husband's shoulder inconsolably I know that life can suck sometimes but you know what it also doesn't suck. Make this list again and add in all the good stuff that happened today. Did Ian laugh? Did you get to snuggle with him today? Do you have an adoring husband who is out working right now so you can get those snuggles all day. It sounds trite but "this too shall pass" My Baby Blues came back with a vengeance around the 6 month mark but we got through it. I'll be praying for you and if I didn't have hair flatter than a pancake I'd be joining you in ditching Shampoo right now! xx

  2. I know, i sound like debbie downer right now! i'm just sad about ian not winning- especially since the winners didn't exactly follow the rules. my post wasn't meant to be about 100 things i hate, but it certainly was. :( boo on me for being so down! You're so right though- what right do i have to complain? So, i didn't win $5000- that means my life is no different than it already was. ::sigh::

    thank you. this means a lot

  3. I know how you feel- hopes dashed, but something good will come, it does when we aren't waiting. I have good news, for you, you won my Christmas bracelet! Email me your address @!

  4. 1 - I love Edward :) I hate Harry Potter stuff, never got into it.

    2 - Oh my gosh! If you do it, keep us posted. You should totally do a daily photo of your hair if you do it!

    3 - I hate Stargazer Lilies too! They are in every effing bouquet, and they stink. I always take them out when/if I get a bouquet and put them straight in the trash.

    4 - I use John Frieda shampoos that have a hint of color in them, then you don't have to color as often. I think they work.

    5 - Agreed about vertial blinds. Sorry you hate your place :(

    6 - Sorry you didn't win. Ian is super cute!! Winning would of been nice, agreed, but you don't need a contest to tell you that you have the cutest baby and how blessed you are, you already know that. :)

    7- Me too!!!!


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