Wednesday, August 18, 2010

change of a-dress


husband and i have been invited to a fancy wedding in october.  it's an evening wedding with a cocktail hour and the reception is here ::swoon::  it's going to be all kinds of fancy, and i want to look really nice as it will be a night out without baby.  i've already started looking for dresses, and i'm searching high and low on the internet for the dress. 

so where are your favorite places online to shop for dresses? Pin It!


  1. I'm not an online clothing shopper, I look and like things, but I always find it at the store / try it on / see it in person before I purchase. Everytime I've purchased online it hasn't worked out and sent it back.

    Keep us posted on your dress shopping and purchasing!

  2. ooh, i love online shopping. it may take me 3 times to get the size right, but sometimes they have things that they don't have in the stores!

  3. If I'm on tight budget I'll for Forever 21 or They're definitely cheaply made options. If I have a little bit more money I go for J.Crew or TopShop.


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