Sunday, August 8, 2010

water, baby!

want to make a woman depressed?  take her swimsuit shopping.

want to make a woman really depressed?  take her swimsuit shopping 6 months postpartum.

ugh.  what a week.  i spent 2 days and several hours shopping for a swimsuit this week for a company picnic on saturday.  it. sucked. 

first-  why don't places have more handicap-accessible dressing rooms?  old navy and land's end- shame on you.  i spent my time trying to wriggle my fat butt into a swimsuit while being pinned between the door and my son's ginormous stroller- no fun.

second-  i may or may not have started crying while looking at myself in the mirror after i'd tried on the 25th swimsuit (that is not an exaggeration, in fact, it may be lower than the actual number).

third-  it's only august, yet some stores i went into were already completely sold out of swimsuits... ::ahem:: old navy.  of course, this had its advantages because of clearance prices!!!

fourth-  if i was interested in a strapless swimsuit- i'd buy a two piece.  i can't tell you how many one pieces i got into the fitting room, only to pull them on and find they had no straps.  and while we're on one pieces- there's no need for them to have a v-neck down to my belly button.

after all this though, i found not one, but two swimsuits- bought them both.  i wanted to bring them home, try them on somewhere with mirrors and lighting that i could trust- but i wasn't crazy about either.  of course, i tried them on at home, loved them both, and then somehow managed to talk husband into letting me keep both.  love you, dear.

and here you have them...

suit #1

i feel like this woman looks ridiculous in these shorts- yet, i don't feel like i look ridiculous in them, i think i look cute in them.  i certainly hope that people didn't see me in them and think i look dumb.  i got my entire suit in the "south sea blue" color.  the suit fits really really well, and when i was wearing it, i didn't feel like i was falling out (this is the one that actually went to the party with me).  the only thing i may have a problem with- the sizing.  the size of my top is 6 sizes larger than the size of my bottoms (they are sized 2, 4, etc).  also, the bottoms in ssb are $19.99 online- i got hosed.  

suit #2

this is the suit i've had in mind all along- i love it!  it's got a very retro look to it, which, i love.  that also means it's modest, and sexy at the same time!  i unfortunately don't look like the model when i wear it, but it has tummy control and can be worn either as a maillot or a swim dress.  adore!

so my postpartum swimsuit tips:

1.  one pieces and tankinis are your friend.  tankinis are especially great if you're used to wearing a two piece.  it give you the feel without all the skin- or that postpartum belly jiggle showing.
2.  skirted or shorted bottoms are also your friend.  hello, they hide stretch marks.  
3.  make sure there's easy access for nursing- if it applies to you.  also, if you're like me and nursing, bear in mind that the v-neck may not be your friend.  
4.  wear what makes you feel comfortable and confident, and above all, sexy. 

maybe next summer i'll be back in my two pieces, but for now, i'm loving my new suits.  did you get a new suit for the summer?  one or two piece? what style?  any other tips for new moms or anyone who might be shopping for a suit?
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  1. I'm still wearing my maternity suit. It's big, but it hides the blubber around my middle, and it's cute. Next summer though, I swear I'll be wearing a bikini again. Now, hold me to that, okay!!!


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