Monday, August 16, 2010

to move or not to move

i hate moving.  HATE it.  there is nothing worse than packing all your junk in boxes, loading them on a truck and driving them across town, or the country.  whatev.  i've moved many times.  we moved when i was a baby, we moved when i was in middle school, i moved in and out of a dorm 4 times, i moved into my own apartment in atlanta, i moved back home, i got married and moved out, i moved to illinois, and into my in-laws, i moved the rest of my stuff into a storage unit, i moved our stuff into a different storage unit, i moved out of the storage unit and out of the in-laws and here we are today.  grr. 

so moving stinks, and moving into somewhere else stinks b\c since we will be renting forever for a while, the fact is that we'll have to move yet again until we actually own another place. 

here's the current situation.  we like the neighborhood- it's quiet, and i haven't had to call 911 yet.  we like the area.  the house is decent.  it was built in the 90's and definitely needs some updates.  but that's where the problems come in...

1.  old a/c system.  the hvac system here stinks.  in atlanta, we kept the air on 78 in the summer and survived quite nicely.  here, we sometimes have it as low as 75 and the upstairs is still over 85 degrees.  not cool- literally...  in the winter we usually keep things on 68- but we have to keep it even lower b\c it gets really hot upstairs in the winter too- and the downstairs is freezing. 

2.  all hardwood/tile floors.  if you've ever lived in the midwest, you know that winter is not the pretty picture you see in paintings and photographs.  it's cold and it's ugly.  think of your car covered in rust, salt and sludge.  then imagine that sludge being dragged into your house every time you walk into the door.  then imagine your landlord thought white tile in the entry way was a good idea.   plus, ian is going to be crawling soon- not only is the floor hard, but we have 2 annoying dogs that shed tiny hairs everywhere, and my child feels the need to put everything in his mouth- especially after he throws it on the floor. 

3.  garage situation.  as i mentioned a few weeks ago, our garage went kaput, and we were locked out of our house for an evening without the dogs and only the clothes (and diapers) on our backs (and baby butts).  no fun.  the landlord came and let us in on sunday, and the garage repairman came on monday.  he fixed the problem, and discovered another- and that is that the top panel of the garage is pulling away from the arm that holds the garage door up.  awesome.  repairman's advice, "if i were you, i'd just try not to use the garage door at all."  awesomer.  the repairman contacted the landlord, and he decided against the repair.  so i've parked my car outside the last few weeks, and we rarely use the door except on garbage day and those days when we're taking lots of stuff in the house and it's not convenient to go through the front.  remember what i said about winter?  if i can't park my car in the garage over winter- that will be the ultimate deal breaker for this house.  1.  i hate cold.  2.  i don't want to have to worry about ian being outside- having to fumble with the keys to get in the house while holding a sleeping baby- that i had to get out of the car and carry up the walk, all while trying not to bust my ass on the ice. 

4.  there are only 2 bedrooms.  we have a 3 week house guest and ian is sleeping in our room.  all has gone really well so far, but for future guests, we'd like them to really have their own room- and we have the furniture for it too. 

so those are the issues, with the big one being dependent on whether or not the garage door gets fixed.  i don't know what would happen if the panel broke from the arm- but i'm guessing it would not be good, and i don't really want to find out.  i wish our landlord would understand how important fixing this stuff was.  i know he's had to put a lot into the house since we've moved in (heating panel went out, garbage disposal, and garage), but this is what happens when you're a landlord- and he's lucky he is.  we tried to rent our house in atlanta for months with no luck, and i would've killed to have had a tenant.  we didn't find a tenant, and now we're in the situation we're in.  which, btw, our house in atlanta allegedly has a closing date of on/before september 26th.  ::fingers crossed::

so what to do- pack it up and move again, or stay put and deal with it.  thoughts? Pin It!


  1. I say pack it all up and head south back to the A! The A misses y'all...just sayin!

  2. Move to arizona!! :) its never cold. And u can get a beautiful house new for 80k. With a nice garage. :) yay. I hate moving, its the worst.. but. I do love getting in a new house.. its the only time i actually decorate or paint. :) move. It might be worth the trouble.

  3. If you can find a place you like, I would move. Another bedroom will be nice and maybe it's time for a new landlord. Maybe there is something in the same area so it won't be a haul across town.

    You are right though. Moving is the worst thing ever.


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