Sunday, August 29, 2010

awesome mom check-in

i'm not one for tooting my own horn, but i kicked some serious ass today/tonight. 

i'm on day 7 of the shred- and it's going well.  i'll admit, i didn't shred yesterday, as i had pregnancy-like tiredness.  btw, anytime i have a pregnancy like "symptom" i get really paranoid.  being pregnant is awesome- but this is neither the time or place.

after shredding and getting ready, we headed to the grocery store- we had been making just small trips while our friend was staying with us, and it was time for a real trip.  so we got our groceries, some new pillows for the bed, and a 5-piece patio set (in late august, yes).  after she had finished ringing everything up, the total was over $285- then we gave her our coupons... our new total- $202!!  we basically got the patio set for FREE!  The receipts at target always print what you saved and we saved $91!!  couponing = total pain in the butt that is so worth it!!

after we got home, i made dinner- which was pretty much a 6-dish meal!  coleslaw, shrimp tacos (husband grilled those for me), guacamole, mexican rice, black beans and apple bars w\ homemade whipped cream for dessert!!  i managed to do all of that in about an hour & 15 minutes.  it was awesome...  photo evidence:

in between all that i made baby food for ian:  plums and yellow squash- plus, i froze some canned pumpkin for him.  i had to put nectarines, peaches, and more peas & apples on hold for another day.  i can only do so much...

i'm off to pat myself on the back, and rest until tomorrow... which after all, is another day.... Pin It!


  1. I am so impressed!! Holy crap how id u save all that money? JUst regular sunday paper coupons?. I cut them.. ans forget to use them. ANd that dinner looks awesome!! :) teach me how to make baby food! Ive always wanted to try. I dont think ill be able to do it all the time but i would love to try. :)

  2. Well done! That's some serious savings.

    Was the food as good as it looks?

  3. Casey- for starters- i clip coupons from the sunday paper when we have it on hand, but i mostly use the online coupon sites. i also do all my grocery shopping @ target- and their website also has coupons. they take manufacturer & target coupons for each item. i also work @ target pt- so i get 10% off + they have employee appreciation every few months- so this month i get an extra 10% off all target brand stuff & i had a redcard rewards for my target debit which is an extra 10% off on top of all that. it's mostly good timing.

    i also left a comment on your blog about making baby food!

    Ryan- the food was BETTER than it looked! let me know if you need the recipe!!

    Rel- thanks!!


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