Monday, August 23, 2010

so smart

well, i've done it!  i've marked another item off the 30 before thirty list!

#23 join the rest of the modern world with a smart phone.  or as one of my husband's friends said to him, "welcome to 2003."  i think 2003 is a huuuuuge stretch...

our contracts were finally up on the garbage phones we had, and we started shopping around- we compared companies and narrowed it down to 2 that had the best deal- t-mobile or sprint. i am huge on customer loyalty, and i've been with t-mobile since 2003.  the other good deal was with sprint.  boo.  i finally talked husband into staying w\ tmo, so we headed to the store to get our new phones.  however we got there only to encounter a problem:  we had switched to the "everything plus" family plan last august, which is a "no contract" plan meaning we were no longer eligible for deals and upgrades.  uh oh.  our awesome sales guy put us on the line w\ customer care, but while we were holding, the mall was about to close, so we said we'd try again on saturday. 

so we get up saturday morning and husband puts a call into to customer care- he talks to kim (we don't know you, but you're awesome) tells her the situation (we were among the first customers to switch to this new plan, so we were never informed that we couldn't "switch back") and that was that.  kim gave us the hook up, and we were free to get new phones.

i feel so smart now.  not only can i text with ease, access my email and facebook, and upload photos of the helmet full of nachos we ate at wrigley, but my phone is no longer a danger to anyone around it.  i will no longer reach into my pocket for my phone and slice my finger open.  that happened.


*notice in the top picture, the buttons on my old phone are missing, and the metal is folded up.  oh, and the phone doesn't have a back cover. 

i <3 you smart phone! Pin It!

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  1. I'm all about customer loyalty too, I've been with AT&T for 11 years, same cell phone number!, numerous phones over the years and now I CANNOT wait until Nov. when my current contract is up for my next phone upgrade.

    Congrats on the fun new phone, and finally getting out of 2003 ;p


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