Wednesday, July 15, 2009

exciting day today!

this afternoon i have an ultrasound. it's actually the test for down syndrome, but i'm excited none the less to see baby peach McFadden. i think it's too soon to determine the sex at this point, so i won't have my hopes up!

Dave & I are still hard at work on our insurance claim. we have all our pictures printed, and our list looks complete- we just need to sort the photos and I think we can send everything in with our fingers crossed! it rained here really hard around 4 am last night- it always makes me worry that we need to go check out the unit for further damage! it seems pretty dry now though, so i think we're ok...

tonight i have orientation for work... finally! i am packing tylenol, rolaids, zofran, lots of snacks and lemon drops- all to fight off hunger and nausea! i don't know how long it will last- so it's best to just come prepared!!

earlier this week, i got a wonderful birthday/baby package from my friend Lyn! it included adorable pictures of her little girl, Ava (now almost 6 months- WOW), the BabyWise book, a nice soft blanket, and teddy bear (that Eleanor proceded to dig out of the box and make her personal plaything, and 2 packs of Swaddlers diapers (mmm, they smell so sweet)! how exciting is it to receive baby things?!

so, i said earlier this week that my sister in law was supposed to find out the sex of her baby- well, it is maybe a girl. she said her technician really didn't do that well in trying to even find out- which i know disappointed her. she also found out her fluid is low- which could be the result of her reappearing morning sickness (which her Dr. tried to call a "bug"). She has had a really hard time with her Dr.'s office- she has to see a different Dr. every time, and it's really bugging her- here she is at 20 weeks, and has yet to see the same Dr. and the one she's liked best so far was the first one she saw!! they just keep jerking her around- and I realize i have been really lucky- i love my Dr.!! since her fluids are low she is going to have a more in-depth level 2 ultrasound in the next 2 weeks- they are also more in-dept with the anatomy check too- so maybe she'll have some confirmation. my step-niece was really wanting a boy, and threw a total tantrum when she found out it was possibly a girl. hopefully this next ultrasound will give them confirmation either way and she can either jump for joy, or get over it and prepare for a sister. i love my brother dearly, and i'm glad i have him, but i always wished i had a sister too! I think she'll be fine, and she'll get over it... eventually!

well, i can't think of anything else that's really pressing right now, so i need to get ready and go feed myself so i don't get sick later!

until next time... Pin It!

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