Monday, July 20, 2009

sleepless nights already?

i am a stomach sleeper. i enjoy sleeping on my stomach, it makes me happy, and I have no problem sleeping. sometimes i even sleep on my back. coming up here in the next couple weeks I am going to have to change sleeping positions to where I am sleeping on my side, or as my book puts it, "change sleeping positions NOW!" i have already been "practicing" for these upcoming nights where i can no longer sleep on my tummy, and for when sleeping on my back or even laying on my back will cause severe trauma to my baby. so far, it's not working so well. i either lay there until i finally start to get sleepy, in which at that time I have to go to the bathroom, or i'm starving and I have to get up to eat...

we found a body pillow here at the house, so i've been using that for now, but i've had a few recommendations: 1. All Nighter total body pregnancy pillow (i would paste that link, but blog won't allow, or i'm dumb) and 2. Boppy Body Pillow. Both are about $50- crazy, and the All Nighter has better reviews, so i'll probably go for that if I decide on one. I still don't know if it's going to help me solve my problems. The last few days I've definitely had an easier time sleeping on my side, but I have woken up in extreme pain, and not where I should be in pain...

1. my ear- I have woken up the last couple mornings with my ear screaming in pain, I don't know if i am sleeping too hard or what, but it does NOT feel good.
2. arm/shoulder- i don't know where to put my arm when i sleep on my side- i can't get it out from under me- i've tried above my head, out to the side, nothing helps- i wake up and my whole left arm is asleep, or sore.

So, i'm hoping $50 and a magic pillow will help solve my problems- we'll see, i'll definitely keep you updated! Pin It!

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