Thursday, July 16, 2009

ultrasound results

it's a baby... skeletor! at least that's what baby is looking like these days. it was so neat though to see the little teeth, the spine and the heartbeat. plus baby has 2 arms and legs, and looked right on track for 13 weeks! after our ultrasound, Dr. Duval came in to discuss our results and he said everything looked normal and next up was the blood test- if the blood test showed anything they would recommend an amnio to find out for sure. i told him i wouldn't really be interested in doing an amnio, so he then recommend that I just not worry about the blood tests, and come back in 7 weeks for the more detailed ultrasound and anatomy check! in a little less than 2 weeks I will head back to Dr. Barthel's office for my regular 4-week checkup!

today baby seems to be sucking my will to live- i just feel puny. i think i'm about 5 minutes away from an afternoon nap.... zzzzzzzz Pin It!

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