Friday, July 31, 2009

still "enjoying" morning sickness

so, i really thought i would be over the morning sickness by now, but obviously...

there has been no rhyme or reason to my sickness, no pattern, nothing. some people have it through the evening, some in the morning only, some all day. me? every 1-3 weeks depending... it started in week 8, then I was free and clear until week 11, then it came back again week 13, then week 14, and here again week 15 (although those both happened this week, they occured technically in 2 different "weeks" of my pregnancy). it strikes any time day or night, and doesn't care if i'm near a bathroom. ugh.

maybe morning sickness is a plague for McFadden or former McFadden girls. my sister-in-law April said she was sick through 6 months with both of her boys. and now, my sister-in-law Shannon, at 5 months is getting sick again after about a month of relief. luckily, i still have my Zofran, and I think I just need to take it daily, regardless of how I feel. Other than that, I've felt pretty good lately, the nausea, which i've had more of than the vomiting has slowed down since my visit to the Dr. on Monday. Morning sickness is a weird bird. According to Wikipedia, there is insufficient evidence to nail down one or multiple causes for why pregnant women suffer morning sickness. Some causes are basically a bunch of hooey, while others can't be proven b\c they are the same case for all pregnant women, and not all pregnant women get sick.

the worst part of morning sickness has been being alone when it happens. everyone wants comfort when they're sick, and I have, the majority of the time, been here alone.

there hasn't been a particular food cause either, random things, mostly healthy seem to have set it off- fruit, cereal, apple pie, potato chips, and mostly an empty stomach. Dr. Uma says I should be feeling better by week 16 though b\c I have no signs of a thyroid problem. so i'm holding out until Tuesday praying for the relief to come!

i'm hoping my blog doesn't lead people to think that pregnancy is just this big downer... I know morning sickness can have a sharp effect on the way a woman feels, and almost in a way, it still doesn't feel "real." I know things are really going to be coming along in the next few weeks though- feeling the baby move, knowing the sex, wearning actual maternity clothes! I should be coming upon the time where I feel the best in my pregnancy, and I can't wait to share it all!! Pin It!

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