Tuesday, March 30, 2010

help- family photos

we are heading to see my parents on thursday, and my dad called saturday to inform me that we are having family photos this saturday. i was a little worried because i was afraid he was going to make us dress cheesily, but he assured me that was not the case. since we are the ones travelling (my brother as well), we were allowed to decide what we're wearing first, and then inform my parents, who will have their entire wardobe at their disposal. luckily, one of my favorite blogs- How Not To Dress Like A Mom wrote this fabulous post just a week ago. it's like she knew my dad was going to call last weekend about family photos...

so today, i put together outfits for myself, husband and baby. i need your opinion on whether this is too matchy-matchy, or whether i hit the nail on the head. so please, my 3 (4?) readers- help!

here's a few options that i've selected for the mcfamily:

i've selected a grey top with a ribbon flower embellishment and dark jeans for me (these are pre-baby jeans, so this may end up being a bad idea). for husband i've selected jeans and a baby blue polo and for baby i've selected a baby blue polo with a navy vest over it, and khakis. i figured baby is small, so he's safe wearing a pattern.

here is the next option. same look as above, except i'd be wearing a navy jacket.

here's the third option. me and baby are wearing the same thing, but husband is in a navy button-down. the button-down is pin-striped, but it is very subtle.

here's an up-close look at our tops. you still can't even see the pin-stripes.

so those are the options for us. did i at least do a good job? is one choice worthy, or should i scrap the whole thing and start over? even more important, what should my parents and brother wear? should we add in another color? i'm going to say that my parents and brother should stay away from navy, at least on top. i was thinking red or black for the 3rd color.
what are your thoughts?
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  1. I vote for the 2nd combination. It's matchy, without being over the top. The pics will be so cute!

  2. I like the first or second. The light blue shirt for your husband looks great with baby boy's sweater. Have a great trip!

  3. Go with Dave wearing the polo. For the family let them wear blues and grays and khaki as well. Does your mom have a solid blue dress?

    PS~ Don't forget your iron! hahaha : )

  4. we don't own an iron!!! it got ruined when our storage unit got flooded! i forgot to add a disclaimer about how i AM planning on ironing our clothes!! my parents have one!

  5. I like the long sleeve shirt for your hubs, and I like the black jacket with tee for you. I LOVE that you have the clothes layed out on the floor to display "people like", awesome!!


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