Monday, March 15, 2010

week 7

here are the events from week 6-7

this week started out really really rough... but this didn't last very long. on wednesday, march 3, ian turned 6 weeks old. we were supposed to start infant massage that day, but husband didn't wake us and we overslept. i went to my post partum appointment and then strolled around the mall with ian. there we ran into a girl from massage class who told us the class had been bumped back, and we could've made it on time. grr.

the next day was worse, but was leading up to something amazing... we go to breastfeeding support group on thursdays. while trying to get myself ready ian was screaming his head off, and i couldn't shower or do anything anything with myself. i was at my breaking point. i literally sat on the couch for 30 minutes holding ian and crying. i finally got myself up and drove to support group- there were at least 4 new faces, but it didn't take me long- i totally broke down about all my frustrations of the day: being late, my house is a mess, i can't even shower, etc. everyone rallied around me though and i felt a million times better. then, that night, something magic happened:

ian slept through the night!!!!! so what began in frustration renewed itself in total reward. thank you babywise! also, i know that all my hard work paid off!

other highlights from this week include:

ian has started to grow out of some of his newborn clothes. a few pj's and onesies are no longer fitting, and we have started a bin of "baby clothes." bittersweet. he fits well in his other newborn clothes, and his 0-3 month onesies, but still isn't fitting into 0-3 month pants!

a major blowout. as in, we just had to throw that onesie away...

ian is also eating very well. 6 feedings a day averaging about 30-40 minutes total.

naps are going much better, but i still don't feel like i have it down. i just can't pinpoint what i'm doing wrong.

we also got a bouncer seat this week. ian seems to like it, but the vibrations sometimes give him the hiccups. we also bought some clothes from the same people we got the bouncer from. they're from michigan just like dave, and they had some baby michigan state and detroit red wings gear. needless to say daddy was very happy!

we were terrible with picture taking this week- these are the only photos from the week.

snoozing on daddy

snoozing on mommy

more snoozing on mommy

snoozing in my amby

ok, i know he slept through the night an all, but i promise he didn't sleep all week...

this week has been another exciting one so far, and we're half way through it! look for the next weekly update sometime after wednesday!

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  1. He slept through the night?! Awesome!! YAY for you!!! Good job :)

  2. now if he would sleep at all during the day... i mean i stay up all day, and that's why i sleep all night


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