Wednesday, March 10, 2010

post-partum exercise aka things i went and opened my big mouth about

first, let me brag on myself. i was a pregnant fatty (this does not sound like a brag so far) .i gained 45 lbs (when you are 5'1" this is probably not a good idea). so last wednesday i had my post-partum checkup- i had decided i was not going to step on a scale until i entered into that office (ours was broken thank the Lord, or else i would've stepped on it 30x a day), and i stuck to my word.

the verdict at my appointment (here comes aforementioned bragging) i had lost 26 lbs! omg! pretty awesome if you ask me. that means i only need to lose 19 more lbs to get back to my pre-baby weight (i would like to make this number 25). this is the hard part...

sadly, i am lazy when it comes to exercise. this is really sad because i took ballet for about 7 years, and then i did cheerleading for 4 years. ballet keeps you nice and slim, and with cheerleading i ran until i wanted to throw up. ever since i have been out of those i have rarely kept a routine. before i was married my mom & i would walk either at the walking track at our church or take the dogs around the neighborhood. sometimes we would do pilates. when i lived on my own, this stopped. after i got married, i would sometimes do pilates, or sometimes do my jillian michaels dvd. then husband and i started walking the silver comet trail with our dogs, then we moved. then i was pregnant. then i stopped doing anything...

i now have the clear to exercise again, yet i haven't. i'm too busy caring for baby, and when he does sleep, i usually either sleep myself, or i have become a clean freak (more on that later). i really should work out.

enter where i opened my big mouth... my husband bikes. he is of a family of cyclists. my in-laws tandem. they go on 800 tandem trips a year. my father in law bikes to work rain or shine, snow or whatever nearly every day of the year. they are serious. my husband and his dad have been to peru, where the biked up the highest unpaved road in the world (my father in law has been twice). i like to brag about this too- because it's pretty amazing. here they are...

pretty awesome, eh?

so i said this to say that last week i told my husband, "i think i might like to try biking." oh, what have i gotten myself into? ::sigh::

there will be more updates on this later, as i am now a cyclist.

::i need to follow this up to quote my husband: "you haven't even been on the bike yet, you are not a cyclist." we'll see.:

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  1. Shhh, I gained 80 pounds for my pregnancy, and I"m only 5'7". I was 200+, ugh! I have lost 60, 20 to go. Are you breastfeeding? I am, which makes it impossible to diet, and when my little one sleeps I too want to nap or clean or catch up on stuff etc. I do Wii Fit and I take him for a walk everyday, it's all I can fit in, but seems to be working. Try walking your guy, it works!

  2. oh goodness!! but losing 60 lbs is a great accomplishment! looks like we both have 20 to go! i must say though... ONLY 5'7"?! i wish i could be so lucky... i'm only 5'1"!!!

    i am breastfeeding, so no diets here! i do the same thing though- during naps i nap or clean. we have a wii fit, but i haven't even done that, i need to drag it upstairs i guess! we've done 1 walk- it's been too cold here- but starting to get warm(er) (50 degrees)?


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