Wednesday, March 31, 2010

week 10

here's the happenings from week 9-10 in ian's life!

ian slept through yet another baby massage class. at least i get to practice on the doll, so some evenings before bedtime i'll give him a massage- he seems to really enjoy it.

saturday we rode with dave's parents to lincoln, to see dave's gma. she's in a nursing home there, and things aren't looking too good. it's really just a matter of time now. i'm really glad that she's gotten to see ian, and he's gotten to see her, even though neither of them probably knows.

eleanor is having some baby aggression (see my post about the dogs), she peed in ian's room once and pooped in it twice. grr.

we bought ian the swaddlepod instead of the woombie. it was half the price. and thank goodness because he wasn't too thrilled about it. he would stretch the material until he could reach his mouth with his hands and he would still try to chew on them. he didn't scratch himself, but he kept waking up between 3-5 realizing he was in there, and he would get very upset. we went back to the sleep sack, and he's stopped waking up.

this week was pretty uneventful... i'm going to put up the pictures and run b\c this next week has started out pretty eventful- ian has been CRANKY all day... good heavens he is so tired and has hardly napped all day- so he's decided to cry instead. just sleep, kid!

now, the pictures...

sweet smiles

bright eyes

snuggles with mommy
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