Sunday, March 21, 2010

week 8

here are the events from weeks 7-8 for ian...

we started off the week by going to infant massage. it was a lot of fun. ian did really well- letting me massage his legs, feet and stomach before deciding it was time to eat. after that, he dozed off immediately and then slept for a few hours. ahh, what a life. that evening we went to erik's house to watch the blackhawks game. it was the first time the guys had seen ian since he was born!

thursday we went to our group, and afterward we had lunch at panera w\ 2 of the girls and their daughters- wow, mommy has friends in illinois!!

for such a good start it went downhill for me fast- i had been getting sick again, and it hit hard friday. i don't think i left the bed except for changing ian and food. by that evening i had a fever of almost 101! so dave took ian to chris's house so i could just sleep it off. they had a boys night watching the bulls game.

we didn't do much for the rest of the weekend since i was sick. the week ended a little rough as ian didn't want to nap much monday or tuesday- so i'm thinking he hit a little growth spurt.

as far as eating and sleeping- he's doing both very well. eating 6 times a day, and taking naps after just about every feeding. the only exception is bedtime, and he sleeps about 7 hours. according to babywise we are at the end of the "stabilization" stage!

ian also seemed to enjoy his swaddle less this week- i've been going back & forth on how much longer to swaddle him for. by week's end, i was having to keep his left arm out to keep him happy.

here are pictures from this week

passed out on mommy's chest

playing in my gym! i am really into it now!

hanging out with dad. mom is making him watch a few minutes of e's oscar best/worst dressed. she just wants to say that she doesn't care if everyone else hated it, but she loved sjp's chanel couture!

laying in bed with mommy, who's hiding b\c she was sick and looked like she was about to die!

more photos next week- ian is 2 months old today!

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  1. those pictures are so precious. i am so sorry you were sick!! i hope you are feeling better! :) i love your black & white blanket by the way!


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