Wednesday, March 24, 2010

week 9

here is the rundown on the events that happened during week 8-9 in baby's life!

the week started out on st. patty's day. after much searching, i found a really cute outfit for ian, but he had pooped in it before i was able to get pictures. luckily, i wash baby clothes all week long, so we pretended it was st. patty's day again on thursday night! we also had baby massage class that day- and ian decided to sleep through the entire class, so i had to massage a doll instead. he's really missing out!

thursday, the ncaa tourney started. husband and i are in a pool that his friend chris runs every year, and then i am in a separate pool that my brother's friend chase runs. seeing that i picked kansas, i lost my winner on saturday (not good). although dave is in position to easily win the pool we're in together- and although it hurts my pride to lose, i'll take money in any form! hopefully this weekend we'll continue to have wins!

it was pretty warm most of this week, so we were able to take several walks outside. we went 3 times, twice in the stroller, and once in the backpack. ian usually conks out during these walks, plus it's a good workout for lazy mommy...

of course, all this delicious warmness came with a price. saturday was the first day of spring, and you would know that it would snow all day long. we also celebrated the 4th birthday of our nephew, christian. it was also a celebration for ian though- he turned 2 months old on saturday! can you believe it? because i most certainly can't! it's so hard to believe it's already been 2 wonderful, crazy months!

ian has continued to sleep well through the night, and he has improved some with his naps. sometimes he takes a 2 hour nap, and sometimes it's 30 minutes. we're still sort of doing the 4 s's. this was going well until ian decided he didn't want to be swaddled anymore. period. i had been trying to decide how long i wanted to swaddle him, and i figured at least until he was 3 months. he is still wild with his arms, and the swaddle helps control him. he started getting really fussy when we would swaddle him because he couldn't move his arms, so i'd leave one arm out, and he was doing fine. a few days later though, that didn't even satisfy him, so we left both arms out... that didn't work either. we took him out of the swaddle, transferred him to his sleep sack, and boom, he was asleep immediately. so, swaddle time is over, although i think he really needs it, but he's obviously not going to sleep anymore with it on.

monday was ian's 2 month check up. we got him up that morning to notice he had used his face like a cat uses a scratching post. his skin has been dry since he was born, but the dr. didn't seem too concerned. this time it was different- ian has eczema. it went from being dry every now and then to totally patchy- which is probably why he's clawing his face up. we've started a treatment with aquaphor all over his body, and we have him wearing little mittens at night (this is why i think he still needs the swaddle). the mittens have helped with fingernail scratches, but they contribute to another ian habit which is rubbing his eyes when he's tired. instead of just falling asleep ian likes to rub his eyes for 10 or 15 minutes until he can't stand to have them open anymore. this doesn't help when you have mittens on because it's 10-15 minutes of fabric rubbing against his face. he gets so red. we may be looking into the woombie.

ian's check up went very well. he's 10 lbs, 5 oz (25th percentile) and 23 3/4 in (75th-90th percentile)!! if he's going to be tall, he certainly didn't get it from his mom or dad... he also had vaccinations. i didn't think i would cry, but i was wrong. he had 5 total vaccines which were combined into an oral medication and 3 shots. poor baby. he turned 100 shades of red and then let out the most heart-breaking cry ever. afterward, he slept pretty much the rest of the day except for feedings, and was a little fussy, but overall, i'd say things went pretty well.

now, my favorite part... pictures! we took WAY too many pictures this week, and i just can't pick a few. my kid is so darn cute!!

it was school spirit week in our house. perhaps in honor of the tourney. here's an homage to daddy's team- they're actually good enough to make the tournament

best. picture. ever. i will laugh until i cry every time i see this!

wearing mommy's team colors. he's clearly cuter in red!

here's proof of how much he's grown if you compare this to bath pictures from a few weeks ago!

my sweet little boy!

happy st. patrick's day!

walking with mommy!

2 months

2 months... again!

hanging out with my cousin, annie!

here's what happens when i don't have my mittens on!

in bed with my sleep sack and my mittens

snoozing, per usual

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  1. He is so cute, just adorable!

    I swaddled until 3 months, and then he let me have it every time I tried after that, finally had to give up. The wild arms seem to settle down shortly thereafter for us. Good luck!

  2. look how adorable he is in his little st. pattys day outfit!!!

  3. altb- we tried the woombie knockoff for 3 days, and he just couldn't stay asleep all night w\ it- so we're back to the sleep sack- and a full night's sleep again!!

    sarah- thanks! he is pretty adorable, but i'm totally biased! i see you are a fellow atlantan!!


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