Saturday, March 6, 2010

week 6

wearing my sweet sweater suit

full of smiles

playing with my cousin, jason

and cousin, christian

meeting great-grandma priscilla for the first time!

Ian just turned 6 weeks old this week! I can't believe it's been 6 weeks already!! So here's what happened from week 5-6!

Ian discovered his hands this week, he keeps putting them in his mouth. We kept smelling this really weird smell that wasn't coming from his diaper- turns out it was Ian's hands- because he keeps putting them in his mouth- they smell like sour milk. Yuck.

I also learned a really awesome trick for getting Ian to nap. i started implementing it on monday, and it works like a charm- he's napping really well now. thanks to Chronicles of a Babywise Mom

Last weekend we took the 4 hour drive to ft. wayne, indiana- where dave's gma and most of his cousins live. so ian got to meet a lot of his family. we also had some newborn photos made- Dave's cousin and his wife have a photography business. he did really really well!

i had my post-partum appointment this week- it went really well. not as bad as i was expecting. i'm healed, and i'm back on the pill. boo, but it's better than being pregnant again so soon!! although Dave & figured out with our insurance debacle (see past posts if you don't know about that disaster) that if i had another baby THIS year, it would be FREE! i still have to go back again in may for my yearly exam, so i dodged that bullet for now. if i haven't said this before- i love my ob. maybe too much. she is pretty much the coolest chick ever, and i want her to be my friend. maybe i'm just lonely for friends up here, but if i were to ever hang out with her, it would be awesome. and possibly awkward.

so many exciting things have happened this week that i have lots to write about for next week! can't wait to share them all!!

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  1. Love the sweater suit, so awesome!

    I too love my OB, she's on Facebook and I want to "friend" her, but then she'll just think I'm weird I'm sure.

  2. I could just eat him up! He is growing so fast :)

  3. that sweater suit is ADORABLE! and so is it's inhabitant. :)

  4. thanks guys! i've been waiting to get him in that sweater suit for quite a while, and i've finally fattened him up enough!

    twig birdhouse- my ob is on facebook too, well she used to be. i would look her up all the time. i'm secretly paranoid that she discovered this and removed herself from facebook..


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