Wednesday, January 19, 2011

1 year ago - due date

1 year ago today was my due date.  40 weeks.  i was dunzo! 

husband catches me off guard while being monitored while waiting to see our doctor.  she eventually gave us the thumbs up to head over to labor & delivery

checked into l&d.  we went up around 1:00 pm-  i'm not even sure that i had my iv in yet... i'm guessing i did though (i wish we had taken one last pregnancy pic before i got into this hideous gown)

i had eaten breakfast that morning, but since i was being sent up to l&d, i wasn't allowed to eat anything else (dave & i were planning on having lunch)... you're not allowed to eat during this time, but i stressed that i was starving and it was only going to get worse.  luckily my nurses were  nice enough to let me have popsicles and jello all night!

i look pretty drugged up at this point, although i didn't have any kind of drugs until after shift change which was around 7:00.  yes, i am wearing earrings.  i'm pretty sure they didn't come out until right before i got ready to start pushing.  it was probably the only thing about me that looked good.  

dear Lord.  someone get this baby out of me.  i was definitely under some influence of drugs by this point, so it was probably between 8-10.  it was tuesday night, and we had the biggest loser on and i could hardly keep my eyes open to watch it.  i napped for a while, and didn't wake up again until around 11:30- i got my epidural shortly after that time.  i remember there was nothing on tv, but i wanted it on, so we had the food network on.  i demanded that the tv was turned off when it was time to start pushing!

what came next...

you'll have to wait until tomorrow.

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