Tuesday, January 11, 2011

a ONEderful chance to give

i wanted to share something with everyone and invite you to be a part of something really special.  one of my favorite blogs belongs to kelle hampton... enjoying the small things is a blog that kelle started a few years ago to write about her oldest daughter lainey and her photography- it turned into something phenomenal (nearly 10,000 followers!) with the birth of her daughter nella last january (just 2 days after ian).  i started reading kelle's blog in february or march, and i have been a loyal follower since.  nella's birth story is beautiful and in the same breath heartbreaking.  i go and reread it every once in a while, just so i can remember- because you can really feel all the pain that kelle felt. 

now nella is almost a year old, and kelle needs your help.  her goal is to raise $15,000 $30,000 $47,000 (!!) for ndss (national down syndrome society).  the goal of ndss: for us to live in a world where we are all accepted, included and valued for who we are!  kelle is so close to her goal: just over $3,000 to go (she's raised all this money in 2 days!)!  all it takes is $5, hell, $1 would work!  need inspiration on why you should give- visit kelle's blog.  this entry should help! Pin It!

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  1. ughhh not sure if you heard or not, but I had 2 nephews born 3 days apart in Decemeber.. the first with cleft lip/palate, the second with DS. It's been a struggle in our family to keep everything afloat, keep positive vibes, keep things light and happy..but her story, I have a feeling that her story will be doing some healing around us.. Thanks for posting, for sharing.. it's touching.. her writing makes me feel I'm there in the room with her, feeling every emotion, as if I could reach out and hug her... as if this is my memory... ahhhmazing!


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