Friday, January 14, 2011

the hair diaries

it's now been 19 weeks since the hair project began.  it's not going so well...

here's what's been going on...

first a little extensive background info:
i started getting occasional grey hairs about 3-4 years ago (so sad)...  it wasn't anything i couldn't just yank out... and then i got pregnant, and they started going crazy.  midway through my pregnancy (september 2009) it had gotten so bad that i colored my hair for the 3rd time ever- and i've been having to do it regularly since then.  except that since i've had ian, it's gotten worse.  i can color my hair, and new grey hairs (or my preexisting hair) grows so fast that i'm already showing new greys in just 3 weeks (extremely sad).  so i try to go at least 4 weeks between coloring...

so i colored my hair right before thanksgiving- and my hair always seems to look a little better around that time (i think the chemicals zap any oil).  we went to husband's gma's house and while i was there, i felt like i had finally gotten to a turning point while washing (rinsing) my hair it actually felt clean!  it was all downhill from there.  the very next week my hair was already feeling heavy & greasy again- not a good look.  in a fit of desperation, i dragged ian and myself to ulta where i picked up devacare no-poo cleanser (i chose this instead of devacare since my hair is colored). the reason i went with this is because it was mentioned in the article that i had read about ditching shampoo- so i thought it would work.... i am not impressed.  at.  all.  1.  it smells funny (devacurl smells way better), 2.  the "no-poo" part is weird- it's like rubbing conditioner into your hair (which i was doing during my washing w\ baking soda).  it doesn't lather, but i can't figure out how to clean my hair with it.  3.  i spent $20 on it, and i'm supposed to be eliminating an "unnecessary cost" from my life.  4.  my hair as never been greasier.  i don't know what i'm doing wrong, but i washed and dried my hair with devacurl wednesday night and the back and under layer of my hair just hung in greasy strings.  5.  did i mention it was $20?!?!

so while i was in ga for christmas, my mom let me use her "shampoo."  she has been occasionally washing with loreal's everpure, which is sulfate free (anyone know why eva longoria has her hair around her neck like a noose?), so i gave it a try and my hair looked and felt amazing!!  i felt like i was cheating though, so i went back to the devacare, and things have been pretty much the same (see #4 above)...  after that happened, i bit the bullet and bought the everpure, even though i just found this article...  i haven't used it again yet, and i wore my hair up today....  ugh.  what to do?!

what should i do now?  just go back to rinsing w\ plain water or doing the baking soda?  keep trying with the devacare (3/4 a bottle left)?  or just give in and go with the everpure (although it's pretty much a no-poo).  A- i know that you've been using devacurl and really like it- what's the secret to your success?  how much are you using, how are you using it?  what might i be doing wrong?

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  1. I feel your pain on the hair issue. I tried to go cold turkey, and it was a disaster. Between workouts and running, I couldn't handle the "dirty" smell of my hair after a couple days. My routine right now isn't ideal, but here's what I do.

    I have the DevaCurl No-Poo which I use once a week, usually on Sunday night. I shampoo and condition 1-2 times a week with the L'oreal sulfate free. I love the way it smells, but my hair still feels dry. It probably doesn't help that I flat iron it daily.

    I'll keep you posted on what I find out. I'm frustrated, too!

  2. Yay a hair update! I was actually thinking about you the other day when I was in the shower - um, no, not like that! - but I was washing my hair and wondering how your hair no-poo adventure was going. Girl, you are braver than me, I cannot stand a greasy head of hair and know that I wouldn't last giving up my shampoo and conditioner.

    I notice no pics, what, you don't want to share with us your "the under and back layers of greasy strings". (that might be the funniest sentance I've read in a long while).

    BTW - how long is this process supposed to take before the grease all goes away??

  3. A- Well, i feel better knowing that our routine is now pretty much the same. I didn't ever feel like my hair smelled dirty- but it definitely looked and felt dirty. I used to flat iron- but since having ian, it straightens a lot easier than it used to, but seems a lot curlier too...?

    Lulu- There aren't any pics only because there are never any pictures taken of me, and i don't think to take pictures of my hair myself. In one of the stories i read it took her 7 months and her hair was looking great, however, another story i read it took the girl about 3 weeks. January is month 5! Ahhh

  4. Hello! Found your blog via Bloggy Moms, so glad to have found it and I look forward to reading more. Hope you have a wonderful evening!


  5. i'm also glad to get a hair update. my stylist told me that color definitely affects oils.... something like it roughens up the hair shaft so that oil is less visible. she told me i should never have my virgin hair color, not only for the drabness of it (she loves me enough to say this), but also because my virgin hair is so darn flat. i may try the loreal everpure, though i seriously doubt i could ever not wash period. i can't wait to see if this works out for you. do you have a nice collection of cute hats to get you through?!

  6. Eloise- Thanks for stopping by!!

    Tara- No hats, i usually just do ponytails b\c i look dumb in hats. Of course, it's winter, so i'm always wearing some kind of knit something on my head to keep it warm.


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