Thursday, January 6, 2011

mommy & daddy's 30th christmas

dave & i are so blessed to have ian, and that we celebrated our 30th christmas with ian's 1st christmas.  if you were my 11 y/o niece, you'd be asking me how it's possible that we are celebrating our 30th christmas, being that we're both only 29, and then you still wouldn't get it after i had explained it 20 times...

i love buying gifts for husband- i love the thought that goes into them, i love the secret, and i love seeing his surprised face when he opens gifts!  i think i did pretty well for christmas given the fact that we set a smaller budget due to having ian to buy for!  of course, i also love getting gifts (who doesn't?)

1.  hockey gift card.  gift cards are boring to give (awesome to receive), but there was no way i was being held responsible for picking out hockey gear for him.

2.  The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference by malcom gladwell.  dave is really into books about economics and how social stuff effects economics.

3.  Sigh No More by mumford & sons.  dave has been carrying on about them ever since he came to me one night and said "who the hell is mumford & sons and why won't everyone stop talking about them on facebook."  i gave him a listen, and he knew why.

4.  Capcatcher.  dave's cousin has one of these, and dave always talks about how cool he thinks it is- so i remembered to look at it last time we went to visit them.  plus, i always think a personalized gift is something you can't go wrong with!

he likes!

as far as stocking stuffers, i did a lot of the usual- small amount of candy (mike & ike's b\c i won't eat them!), chapstick, and a unique bottle of beer.  my favorite thing was soap made with beer from the beer soap company (which i read about here)...  pretty cool- and it smells really good!  dave loves trying new beers, and brewing his own beer, so i thought this was a neat twist!

the beer is called 'sex panther.'  i chose that b\c dave & i love anchorman!

dave also got some other books and a few movies including Despicable Me (which is hilarious, see it now!), clothes, a gift certificate for beer brewing and for more hockey supplies.  he did pretty well!  

dave is not as good at finding "unique gifts" (his words), but he always manages to get me things that i really enjoy, and that's what counts!  

i got- a gift card for the loft (which was only $25, but i took that, a bit of christmas cash, and a few coupons and managed to get over $200 worth of clothes), grey suede booties that i'm afraid to wear anywhere for fear the snow and rain will ruin them, and a couple of books (plus 2 more from mom & dad and one from brother):

i got tons of books...

i'm going to be busy

i also got another season of himym, another movie, a really cool uga bag.  i got some pretty cool stuff at our other christmas as well- i'm going to be spending a lot (more) time in the kitchen!!

i'd call christmas a rousing success!
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  1. Wow!Its nice that u were able to get things he love...i always go wrong with the gifts for my hubby : (

  2. Nigella Lawson is amazing - let me know if you have any trouble with the English Recipes!

  3. athikia- i just try to listen for hints throughout the year- or things he likes but wouldn't get for himself!

    sarah- i will! i can't wait to start baking from it!


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