Wednesday, January 26, 2011

12 months

well, everything i have been talking about is here and gone- i have a 1 year old!  here's what my crazy kid did during his 12th month of life!

a tooth finally came in!  why it takes my child 4-6 weeks per tooth, i'll never know, but ian now has 2 1/2 teeth!

he is pulling up on everything- me, the furniture, the bed, the dresser, the book shelf- you name it.  he loves standing and reaching for things.  he's not interested in you standing him up though- and he's not really ready to stand alone- he's done it once, for about 2 seconds- and only because he didn't realize he wasn't holding on to me anymore!

feeding is still the same- nursing 3x a day and the bottle before bed.  we're working on switching to milk right now- he can definitely tell that it tastes different!  we're still doing baby food and table food.  we've introduced blueberries, blackberries and red bell pepper in the last month.  the pepper didn't thrill him, but we were able to sneak it into the other foods and he finished it w\o knowing..  we've also started doing cheese (swiss, provolone and cheddar) and pieces of low-sodium lunch meat as finger foods.

ian celebrated his first christmas.  we drove down to my mom & dad's house just south of atlanta- it was a horrible trip.  it took us an extra 3 hours (we did stop and sleep for over an hour) and ian screamed half of the trip.  awful.  the trip back was better, but only b\c we decided for the sanity of all of us to face his car seat forward.  don't worry- we are back to rear-facing and will be for a while now.  unfortunately, ian came down with a stomach virus christmas eve night, and was pretty much out of it most of christmas day.  poor little guy.  we also celebrated christmas with dave's family on new year's day, which was a lot of fun.  he was feeling much better by then.

we celebrated ian's birthday with friends and family while in georgia- it was nice for all of his friends from home to see him, and for family who wouldn't be here for his birthday.  unfortunately, my grandmother was in the hospital, so it didn't work out for us to see them that week.  :(  we also had a party for ian with our friends and family up here.  pictures to come.  2 parties- exhausting.  we will only be doing family parties from now on...

we also signed ian up for parent-infant swim with our local park district.  we're taking the class w\ one of the little girls from baby group.  ian loves bath time, but it's taken a few weeks with swimming.  the pool is warm, but not bath tub warm.  he cried the entire first class.  poor kid!  at least i found it funny.

ian has started giving out high five's and now is clearer in saying "mama" and "dada."  no new words though.

stats from 1 year appointment: weight: 17 lbs, 1 oz- less than 5th (less than 1st actually) percentile.  height 29.5" (this is the same as 9 month appt.- i'm not buying it)- 25th percentile.

well, here we go- we're starting year 2.  wow!

 these are getting more and more difficult to take... grr

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  1. sweet baby boy. i do love a baby belly.

  2. Lovely pictures!!Ian look so darn cute ...

  3. I can't believe he is a year old already! I just love that face. And I also love your striped top in that last pic. :)

  4. Soooo cute! I'm just stopping by to say thanks for following me! Your little guy is adorable! =)


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