Wednesday, January 12, 2011

i resolve... january

not to make stupid resolutions this year that i will have forgotten about by... yesterday.

instead.  my "resolution" is to make a short list of attainable goals each month- and to share them with you.

we're almost halfway through january, but i made my list last week, and i've already started working on it!  wahoo!

january goals:

  • sign up for mentor program for my biggest 30 before thirty goal
  • start working out.  for reals.  find a gym- husband's company will reimburse- so do it!
  • use lotion on my hands EVERY night (this is silly, but i hate that the air is so dry my skin splits)
  • lose 5 pounds.  starting weight: 1X6
  • finish the book listed on my blog.  that i haven't even started....
  • complete 2 items on my 30 before thirty list (some of these goals should help)
  • type up the "chore list"
  • start/finish the "remodeling" on one of the bathrooms
we're starting slow.  here we go........ Pin It!


  1. Yeah, who needs resolutions?! I do like how the new year feels like you can start all over. Good luck with these goals. Can't wait to hear about your progress!

  2. Oh my, I haven't even started a list because I am that behind. The baby is taking all of my time and energy. Will I ever get caught up on anything again? I love working out, and have made it to the gym a few times after the recovery was underway but worry how I will keep it up when I start back to work. Lots of work to do.
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  3. Cath- Thanks! I feel pretty proud of my work so far!

    Marie- You just had a baby!! You have 6-8 weeks to just take it easy!! I can't believe you've already gotten back into the gym! I felt like i could hardly move for weeks! You will get caught up- everything will start to go in a routine (esp once the baby starts sleeping)- it will seem like this is what you've been doing for years!


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