Wednesday, May 4, 2011

30th Birthday Wishes

my 30th birthday is a little over 6 weeks away- and husband's 30th birthday is in a mere 6 days!  Usually i'm on the ball with birthday gifts for dave- but i'm stumped (sorry dave).  i want something really special seeing as it's his 30th birthday...  any ideas?  anyone?  anyone?  help!

however, i know what i want for myself... of course...


this gorgeous comforter set from target.  our room needs something new- and i think this will really brighten things up for spring and summer!

this mixer.  duh.

when it finally stays warm here, i want these on my feet when i'm not wearing sandals or flats!

i've never had a "nice" watch before- this one is so pretty

a new pair of brown shoes- either these or, the more wallet-friendly ones from f21

a beautiful handmade scarf from the pleated poppy

or this beautiful handmade necklace from allora handmade

just a few things that are on my list!  i'd be lucky to just get one of those items!!  but i guess mother's day is coming up too!!

now, what to get for husband... running out of time!

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