Tuesday, May 17, 2011

this time it's for real

i am overweight.  i don't care how many times my husband tries to pick a fight with me about this one- it's the truth.  my bmi is in the "overweight" range.  in fact, it's hovering closer to the "obesity" range than it is to the "normal weight" range.  this hasn't been easy for me.  i gained 45 lbs when i was pregnant, and here i am 16 months later, and i still have 15 of those pounds.  i.  want.  them.  off.  15 extra pounds is not my ideal- whether it's watching my mii grow a belly, still looking pregnant or listening to 2 high school girls in my gym have a conversation where they talk about weight, bring up my weight and then refer to that as "chunky."  i'm tired of it.  i'm tired of having to make 2 outfit changes, or looking in the mirror and wanting to cry some days. 

i can be pretty lazy.  i love to sleep and i love just sitting around doing nothing- i thought that was my problem. wrong.  13 weeks ago husband & i started working out- we work out at least 30 minutes (usually 45+) 6 days a week.  i have lost ZERO pounds.  it's not that.   something is wrong with the way i eat- i think we eat healthy, but in the same vein, i think i snack too much.  it's time to fix what's broken.

i have asked around in several places- friends, my husband, my mentoring group- we're trying to nail this thing down.  they all have the same solution- count your calories- get the best idea of what is going in your body.  i also mentioned here that i was interested in doing a detox.  that has all started today- i'm counting my calories and exercise and i'm giving my body a 2 week sugar break.  no sugar, no bread, i'm forcing water down my throat (more on that later).  it's time to see what i'm really eating- and hope that the little changes make all the difference! Pin It!

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