Thursday, May 12, 2011

i resolve... may

not to make stupid resolutions this year that i will have forgotten about by... yesterday.

instead.  my "resolution" is to make a short list of attainable goals each month- and to share them with you.  sometimes later in the month than expected...

i'm getting earlier with my posts... that's good.  let's review my goals for april.
  • finish 2 more books - HOORAY- BUtterfield 8 & Garden Anywhere
  • finish 2 more 30/30 items.  i didn't finish anything.  but i have been working hard on items!
  • don't spend any extra money on crap this month.  approved items are:  tv with tax money (planned ahead), lunch this weekend w\ friends we haven't seen since october.  easter basket goodies for ian.  out of the house date.  trip to milwaukee to see the braves (tickets are $0.75).  all of this total (not including the tv should cost less than $100)we did well enough on this one to mark it out.  most importantly, i didn't buy any clothes this month.  we bought our tv, had our lunch, got easter baskets and went to milwaukee.  we also ended up going to cleveland- which was relatively inexpensive.  the one unplanned item- a portable dvd player to keep ian occupied on our trip back.  success.  oh gosh, i forgot about the vera sale.  so maybe this is a fail.
  • 2 date nights.  1 at home.  1 out.  one at home, and then dave & i went to cleveland
  • lose 2 lbs.  i didn't bother with this in march, but i'm coming back to it.  it's been 8 weeks now- the weight has got to start coming off.  i'm busting my butt.  i'm not talking to my scale.  i have no idea if this has happened. 
  • figure out how to spend/save the remaining tax money.  we could pay off ian's hospital bills in full, but would like to save some money as well.  unfortunately, it went to our atlanta trip and paying all the er bills except the big one. 
  • cash in my bonds.  they're earning about $0.25 a year.  ridiculous.  money in everyone's pocket.
goals for may!
  • sell stuff we don't need on ebay (move clothes from smashion if necessary)
  • drink more water.  i've really been slacking lately.
  • go to bed earlier (revisiting this one b\c as soon as it came off my list, i just started doing it)
  • detox.  guys, this is so hard.  thinking about it scares me.  i have a HUGE sweet tooth.  i don't feel that i overeat when it comes to sweets, but i love them so much.  i also love dr. pepper.  it's embarrassing... mostly embarrassing to admit that i'm so weak.
  • 2 date nights.
  • be the bigger person when it comes to a certain family issue that i can't seem to let go of.  i can only control my own actions, not another person's.  
  • finish my book
  • practice patience with ian as his molars are coming in and i want to wring his adorable neck while he screams at me all day (6 hours, anyone?) (and i'm not going to really wring his neck, fyi, so don't report me to defacs)
  • 30/30.  2 items.  
that's a lot on my plate this month.  ai yi yi. Pin It!

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