Monday, May 16, 2011

catching up- mother's day & daddy's birthday

i'm proud to say that i'm only a week behind here!  hooray me.

last weekend was my 2nd mother's day!  it started out on thursday when i received beautiful flowers from my boys and it just kept getting better!  friday i got my gift since dave couldn't wait until sunday- i got a pair of havaianas fit- which brought a little bit of warm weather with them!  on saturday, ian was running a small temperature, so we gave him a light dose of tylenol & headed to see dave's sister & meet our new nephew, gavin who was born on may 4th! 

when we got home, we went out for mother's day dinner to beat the sunday crowds- i chose thai food again.  too bad ian still wasn't feeling great- and was pretty fussy @ dinner.  we ended up having to have our dinner boxed and to go since it's a pretty small restaurant and only had a few people in it.  i should probably get used to not seeing the inside of a restaurant for a while...  we took ian to dave's parent's house, finished our dinner and went to see a the wife of one of dave's friends sing with her band.  on the way home we stopped for a milkshake @ steak & shake- it was nice to have the time alone!  when we picked ian up, he was super hot.  he was running a temp around 103!  this time we gave him a full dose of tylenol and put him straight back to bed when we got home.  sunday morning my boys gave me a card and surprised me with pancakes in bed.  we then got ready & got cupcakes from the cupcake truck & headed to my in-law's house for lunch- ian seemed to be feeling much better, and had a good time playing around.  i got so many sweet texts and facebook messages- it was a nice, simple day.  here are a few mother's day themed photos.

 my mom & me

me with my mom & brother shortly after he is born.  seriously mom- how do you look this good.  i mean, seriously, you look amazing.  i need to know people's baby-havin' secrets...

me and my boy on mother's day.  love.

on tuesday we celebrated dave's 30th(!) birthday!  it was a bit of a crazy day for us- in the middle of the afternoon, i got a few frantic messages from various members of the family letting me know that dave's great aunt was stranded in chicago where she was connecting on her flight from seattle to visit dave's gma in ft. wayne.  she needed someone to pick her up & i was the only one available... and we've never met...  luckily, i found aunt connie quite easily and made it back to dave's parent's house with her.  we ended up having to skip the gym, but went out for our normal tuesday night dinner and back for cake- a cake made from scratch- by me!  we got home and gave dave his "gifts" (for the first time ever they had not arrived in time)- we went with the hard-to-find indians hat that he wanted from our cleveland trip, and a 3 month beer of the month club membership!  i even decorated the house and dave's car in honor of the big day!!

 delicious homemade carrot cake... and 2 sweet guys!

i've got it pretty good, even when i don't think i do.  ;)

happy monday!

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