Monday, May 9, 2011

catching up - easter

remember last week (or maybe it was the week before..) when i blogged about how i don't have my head on straight and my bedroom looks like a shipping warehouse?  ai yi yi...  well, much to my husband's delight, i finally unpacked that suitcase, and now my child actually has clothes in his room.  i can't figure out why i've been so frazzled lately.  as i'm blogging, i'm multi-tasking by paying a phone bill that was due a week ago, and yesterday, i found out that i had completely forgotten to make a payment on my credit card.  hello late fee.  sorry, husband.  it's like i've never existed in the outside world before... you spend 2 weekends out of town and your entire world flips upside down...  at least if you're me. 

tomorrow dave turns 30.  ian has been running a fever off/on and is a total crankster today.  i need to run to the post office to mail ebay stuff and i need to run a couple more small errands- but cranky doesn't mesh well with errands.  i have to work tonight (of course), so it has to be down in the next 5 hours... luckily, ian is napping now, but who knows how long that will last.  basically, i'm running out of time. 

i've totally blown it on dave's bday.  i am usually so, so, so good at this, but i'm admitting defeat.  i had 2 absolutely wonderful ideas, but they are both well over my budget.  i'm basically grasping at straws here.  dear- i'm sorry.  :(

so, the title of this blog mentioned easter... i probably should too.  we had the pleasure of spending easter in atlanta again this year where once again it was 30 degrees warmer than it was at home.  we saw family, friends, enjoyed delicious mexican food, and i got my hair cut for the 1st time in almost a year.  delightful.  we went to church w\ my parents for easter sunday and ian lasted about 20 minutes before i decided that he would need to go to a church nursery for the 1st time.  he was fine of course. 

a little from our trip...

 we met with family and friends for dinner.  L: dave & ian with ian's cousin landon, and his daddy, ryan.  ryan is married to my cousin, christi.  R:  our little family.

outdoor easter picture.  maybe next year we will learn that this tree casts horrible shadows and to take family photos elsewhere... oh, and you can't tell, but ian is wearing a little vest and tie- presh!

here's me and my little boy, and a shot of me.  i was pretty impressed with how this dress ended up looking on me once i added the belt.  it felt nice to feel thin even when you're not.

 ian checking out his goods from the easter bunny

 ian giving my parents georgia bulldog statue a kiss.  go dawgs!

ian with his grandparents!

ian with his great grandparents- gigi & pop

the whole fam

i would ask you what you did for easter, but you probably already blogged about it seeing as it was a little over 2 weeks ago...
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