Wednesday, May 4, 2011

just bragging on myself, that's all

guys, i can be, well, a bit of a cheapskate.  it's not that i don't spend money, b\c believe me, i do.  but unfortunately, we're not made of money, and our never ending hospital bills due to our horrible medical insurance are cramping my style- so i gotta save where i can!  so when i get a good bargain, i just wanna shout it out to everyone!  and i've gotten a couple really good bargains lately!!

after our car accident, we had to get a new seat- the accident wasn't that serious, but i called the seat manufacturer and they recommend that seats be replaced regardless of crash severity.  we decided to go w\ the sunshine kids radian car seat.  i've heard nothing but incredible things about it- but the price was always a bit steep...  then a friend from my mom's group tipped us off on a sale that buy buy baby was having on the seats- 20% all sunshine kids seats- taken off immediately at register!

seat- $299 (regular price)
         -20%   (that's almost $60!!)

then, i always make sure that i hang on to my buy buy baby & bed bath & beyond coupons- the ones for bed bath can be used @ buy buy.  that's another 20% off!!

-20%  (that's almost another $50!!)

add in 10% for tax and that makes my grand total... $210!!  whoo hoo!!

my next great deal was something i've been pondering over for months- the ergo carrier.  highly touted and does something that my beloved bjorn doesn't do- allows me to carry ian on my back or hip!  baby steals has offered this carrier a few times before and i didn't bite- but this time it seemed too good to pass up- so i stole it!


ERGObaby sport carrier $115 regular price.  baby steals price- $57!!  with shipping/tax $69!!

if someone had told me i could get a new convertible car seat & an ergo carrier for less than $280, i probably would've laughed in their face... but i did it!!

boo ya!

i want to know about your great bargains!  i'm always looking for new deals! Pin It!

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