Wednesday, April 14, 2010

heading home (trip to atlanta pt. 4- monday)

the weekend was over before i knew it, and it was time to leave. we got up, fed ian, let my cousin love on him while we packed the car and finished getting ready. then it was time to hit the road. we stopped by my mom's office on the way out so she could tell ian goodbye, and then it was on to atlanta. we made our first stop in grant park, to have lunch with our friends tiffany and tony and their daughter, kaley (their son Carter also was there, but in utero) and our friend Lyn and her daughter, ava. ian slept through most of lunch, but finally woke up just in time to be held!

after we bid our dear friends farewell, we headed to the westside to check on "our house." it is always sad to go because it really isn't ours anymore. of course, when we got there we discovered we didn't have a key to get in (this happened last time we were in town)... i did have my mail key and retrieved the 800 lbs of junk mail, mail that the postman put in our box that didn't belong to us (our poor neighbor is 4 months behind on their insurance probably), and the random things that the post office decides not to forward (you know, important things like our property tax bill, and my jury summons). so we drove away, possibly for the last time. :(

off to the braves game. i didn't realize how stinkin' hot it was- 90+ degrees and a baby- not a good idea. we met my brother, and his friends nic, justin, jenna and audra. i had to sit in the car with ian, with the a/c blasting until we decided to go to our seats. as soon as we got there, i was exhausted- 400 level + 90 degrees + baby on your belly = not a good idea (again). dave informed me if i was ready to go, we could go! we made it through 5 innings and by that time ian had woken up and had his bottle and dave was spitting nails because the cubs stink. go braves! we met my bro on the lower level, said goodbye and we were off.

we made our final stop in ringgold and had dinner with friends heath, april and josh. we stayed too long, but had a blast and then hit the road. the rest i won't go into too much detail with- a long drive back, and me thinking i was going to divorce or kill the love of my life if he made one more stop "to rest" that was not a hotel (we never did). we finally got home around 10 the next morning, bathed the baby and ourselves and slept, and slept, and slept...

i hope i'm back to georgia again... sooner, not later. Pin It!


  1. a few things:

    1. i hate junk mail.
    2. why is it that the important mail NEVER get forwarded??
    3. it's so sad to drive away from your old home, but that house didn't have a cute little ian!
    4. let me know the next time you visit and have a spare moment! i know you have so many people to see, but i would love to be one of them when you have more time!



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