Wednesday, April 7, 2010

we're baaaaack (trip to atlanta pt. 1- friday)

well, our weekend in Georgia was just as i expected it to be- wonderful, and too short. i can't say i'm glad to be home, but after sharing ian with everyone all weekend, and hardly holding him- it's nice to have him all to myself again!! it was almost like i didn't have a baby for a few days!

the drive down went really well. i had mostly everything in the car by the time Dave was home from work, so i fed ian, while he went and gassed up the car. we left around 4:45, which was still later than expected. we had to make 5 stops total- 2 for feedings, which only took 45 minutes a piece (we also got gas both times, and had dinner during one stop), 1 for a husband bathroom break, and for me to drive (i drove from nashville to ringgold), 1 for gas and to switch driving again, and the requisite chick-fil-a stop once we were in conyers.

ian still slept through the night, falling asleep at his usual time, and waking up at his usual time (although both times were technically an hour earlier because of time zone change). we got to my parents' house around 7 am (only a 14 hour trip total) and we set ian's bed up and put it in my parents' room- i fed him, and they put ian down (after some long-awaited snuggles, of course) while dave & i took a much-needed nap. my mom brought ian to me for his next feeding, which we of course fell asleep during! when we finally finished, we threw some clothes on and went to eat at mad dog's. mmm. mad dog's was the first job i ever had besides babysitting, and i still love to eat there, and visit. we got to show ian off to jerry & pat, and wendy & kenny showed up while we were eating too. once we got back home, i fed ian again, and it was time to get ready for our party!

my parents threw us a party so that all my friends (and family too) could meet ian! my grandparents and my dad's cousin, jimmie were staying with us for the weekend and they arrived early to see ian. we had a really good crowd- probably about 40 people. and lots of babies too! 6 total, with the oldest being 6 months, and the youngest being ian, at nearly 3 months. it was really nice! ian was held by just about everyone, and i got to hold all the other babies too- it was a preview of what was to come for ian- and he is going to get heavy!!

as the crowd thinned out we sat around and chatted with friends and just caught up, it was a wonderful evening!! i hope to have some pictures up tomorrow!! Pin It!


  1. Oh my gosh, you are a brave soul to take a road trip with the baby, I admire that! We have a road trip in July that I'm already freaking out about, but not nearly a 14 hour drive. Amazing that he slept through the night . . . and now I'm thinking we should do our road trip at night! Sounds like you had a great trip, yay!

  2. Are you from Conyers? Did I know that? So glad you had a great trip!

  3. m- it was definitely a brave move, but we don't feel skilled enough to fly with baby yet! everything went well, so don't freak out- and if your boy sleeps at night, you might want to drive at night- as long as you aren't so tired!

    ash- i am most definitely from conyers, a place forever remembered as the syphillis capital of the 1990's. sigh.


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