Wednesday, April 21, 2010

week 13

here are the events from week 12-13 in ian's life (april 14-21).

this week has pretty much been a lot of the same from last week. still working on new introductions into ian's life. we're still working with getting him to sleep in the crib- he's taking pretty much every nap in the crib now! we'll be in there full time before we know it! this is pretty darn sad- he won't be right next to me anymore- also, when he fusses for his pacifier at 5 AM, we now have to leave the room!

ian is still doing well with tummy time- sometimes he's interesting in pushing himself up, and sometimes he just likes to do nothing! he also looks like he's trying to roll himself over sometimes- but i still think it's going to be little longer.

we're also still using the bumbo- not too much progress yet.

friday, ian and i took a trip to old navy for stuff and save. we were with the first 50 in line- so we got 50% off! i got some really cute stuff for ian (and for me too, duh) to wear later this summer- i can't wait! old navy definitely doesn't have the greatest stuff, but for 50% off, i think i can make it work! plus, if it tears up after a few washes, i'm not out a lot of cash!

saturday, we went to chuck's house for dave to start beer making. i got him a beer making kit for valentine's day 2008, and he finally got around to using it! ian wasn't too interested in the beer making process, he just wanted to sleep and eat!

ian has been pretty fussy this week, so i've been very frustrated. it seems everything i do causes him to cry- putting him in his crib, his swing, the car seat, etc. and now instead of sleeping in the car seat, he prefers to just cry for an entire 30 minute trip, and then as soon as we get to where we're going stop. i think he just wants me to look like a fool... oh, i hope this is a phase.

we went to the pediatrician on monday. ian is 11 lbs, 8 oz and 24". still in the 25th% for weight, but she didn't tell me about height. we got a rx for a stronger ointment for ian's eczema- everything he touched was breaking him out this week. after laying on the wax paper in the office his entire back broke out! the pediatrician didn't seem worried, which made me a little frustrated, but i'm starting to learn that this seems to be what doctors do... the doctor says we will start cereal next month, but i've heard a lot of conflicting views. my lactation consultant says i should wait because of the eczema... oh, what to do!?

i will again have to post pictures later because husband's computer has all our photos on it, and it refuses to connect to the internet... Pin It!

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