Wednesday, April 28, 2010

week 14

here are the happenings during week 13-14 (april 21-28) in ian's life! he's officially no longer a newborn. ::sigh:: where has the time gone?!

first off: how could i have forgotten?! ian turned 3 months old last week! i just can't believe how big he has gotten! i know i've said it the last couple weeks, but the changes in him are amazing!

ian is still feeding very well. i will still say he's ebf. i mentioned earlier this week though how guilty i was about giving him formula- it was 2 oz. from one of the bottle of pre-made i was given at the hospital. i may be using the other this weekend. i need to just let it go, and remember that 4 oz. of formula isn't making a difference in my baby's life, and if i do ever need to go to formula, that doesn't make me less of a mom. i know lots of moms who feed their baby's formula because it's what they had to do- they are no less of a mom. the fact that you're feeding your baby is making you a good mom...

sleep is another issue. we're still having the problem where ian wakes up at 6 am. it's so odd considering that the 7 o'clock hour has always been ian's feeding hour. i just can't figure it out! naps are also hit or miss. i think he's just going to have to get used to crib sleeping. i'm hoping by next week we'll be in the crib completely. . . ha. regarding naps, i just need to remember the babywise rule: mom, not baby decides when naptime begins and ends. now, if ian will learn that. right now, he's upstairs very angry because i picked him up, rocked him a bit, and laid him back down.

playtime is going well too. we have a variety of activities: play mat, swing, bumbo, and floor time to name a few. ian is thisclose to rolling over! he gets so close, and that darn arm just gets in the way! maybe next week i'll be telling a different story.

this weekend we took another trip. yes, you may be thinking we're absolutely insane. husband finished his masters program last week, so as a graduation gift, i got him tickets to see the detroit redwings in the stanley cup playoffs. so, we loaded up our stuff and ian at 6 AM sunday morning and drove the 5 hours to detroit. we stopped 2 times on the way for feedings- once as soon as we crossed into michigan, and a 2nd time when we were about 15 minutes from the arena. he fell back asleep right before the game began and slept through most of the game. when we woke up, we gave him the formula, and then it was time to leave again. he slept most of the way back, and we stopped once to feed him, and so we could eat as well. then he made it back home for his last feeding and to bed. he travels really really well. lots of people stopped us at the game to ask how old he was, and were amazed that we were out with him. hello?! having a baby doesn't mean your life stops- it means your life gets better, and dave and i love sharing the things we love with our son, even if he's too young to know what's going on. i consider myself blessed. i hope i haven't cursed myself because we're traveling to ft. wayne, indiana, sans husband, but plus mother and sister in law tonight. i'm hoping husband joins us tomorrow night. we're going to the vera bradley outlet sale, and to visit husband's family. don't make fun of me for going to the outlet sale. i once thought vera was stupid too...

that's pretty much it for this week. they fly by so fast, one day just kinda runs into another... so here's the part everyone really enjoys... pictures

story time with ian.  we're reading Guess How Much I Love You Sweetheart Edition 
 3 month pictures.  i think he's finally realized that he's sitting on something

daddy and ian being welcomed to Michigan

 the red wings just scored a goal.  here's a photo of how ian and i reacted

family shot
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  1. He is just so cute! The time does go by too fast, I agree! For me nap time really clicked around 3 months, prior to that it was hit or miss and then he just started to take better naps. It'll happen for you guys . . . totally impressive he can sleep through a stadium game!

  2. Oh I bet your husband was thrilled for the Wings tickets!...I had to laugh at your profile where you said you are in the MidWest against your will :) My Aussie husband feels the same way. I am from MI, but after living in Australia for a bit I can't take our winters anymore! We are hoping to relocate at some stage to either NC or SC :)...Congratulations on your little bundle of love!


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