Sunday, April 18, 2010

week 12

here's what happened during week 11-12 (week 12) in ian's life. april 7-14.

ian is 12 weeks! still another week until he's 3 months old! i can't believe the time has gone by so fast!!!

the week started out pretty crazy. ian was having a hard time adjusting to life back in chicago. i thought he wouldn't notice the time change- but he did. he spent the majority of the week waking up during the 6 am hour local time (7 am in atlanta). i guess next time we go out of time zone we will stick with OUR time because i didn't think i'd ever get him back to sleeping until 7 or later. we did pretty good though b\c we managed to get him back to sleep every time w\o having to feed him- so he's now back on his regular schedule!

speaking of feeding- i've cut back feeding to 10 minutes per side, sometimes he goes more, but mostly he's at 10 minutes per side.

lots of new adventures this week!

1. sleeping in his own crib- i have started moving ian into his crib for naps. we're slowly working our way to sleeping there all the time, but we're not quite there. he's doing pretty good though- i think he'll only get better.

2. independent playtime- i've stopped hovering over ian while he has his playtime and letting him play on his own. this means i can fold laundry, start dinner, or take care of other things while he plays and i watch him. i think this will help when he gets older because he won't always have to have me or someone else around to play with. he doesn't seem to mind- he pretty much enjoys doing his own thing while playing anyway.

3. bumbo chair- we introduced the bumbo chair this week. ian can't quite hold himself up in it completely, but if we sit near him he does pretty well. he only seems to like sitting in there for about 5 minutes though.

4. we're back in the swaddle pod. ian was just moving around so much, and the pod seemed to be the only thing that calmed him down. he's doing a lot better with it this time around- sleeping through the night, instead of waking up in the middle of the night fussy.

ian just seems to be growing and changing so much. he's cooing more and more, even laughing a little. smiling like crazy, and discovering more and more while he's playing! i love it!

oh, we also went to chuck e. cheese this week for my niece's 11th birthday. man, that place is ridiculous, but i have a feeling we will be seeing more of it in the next decade. kids have no regard for babies, i'll say that much.

here are the pictures from this week (my favorite part)!

here's ian and me at chuck e. cheese... where a baby can be a baby

playing at grammie's house

last nhl regular season game. detroit red wings vs. chicago black hawks. go wings! we cheer against the home team. btw, aren't his eye lashes to DIE for!
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