Tuesday, April 20, 2010

things i've learned about motherhood #73

after having a baby, you will never need another excuse to get you out of jury duty!

(hoping i don't find myself in jail for not showing up for jury duty in fulton county today- but i do have a baby, AND i don't live there anymore)! Pin It!


  1. hilarious! hahaha fulton county at its finest :)

  2. I've actually wondered that, "What if I get called for jury duty???" I can't serve, no way, am a SAHM. It's crazy the stuff we think about, and fret about, after having a baby. And now . . . well, I probably just jinxed myself, I haven't been called for jury duty in 12+ years. It'll show up next week.

  3. in ga, you are excused if you are the primary caregiver to a child under the age of 6- so i have that, and then that i don't live in the county (or state for that matter) where i was called.

    i have been called for jury duty 4 times now!!! i think my maiden name leads "the system" to think i'm something other than wasp-y mcwasp, so they think they're getting a minority juror, and then whitey here shows up!

    regardless, the post office should've forwarded my jury summons, but they like to let all my important mail sit in my mailbox. i did talk to the jury clerk office, and as long as i send them a copy of my driver's license, i'm fine.

    ah, fulton county, with your taxes, and your jury duty. i miss you so!


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